Converting to Catholicism and other Questions

If you are into reading, I would highly recommend Robert Barron’s book Catholicism. It is based of his CD series and really got me excited to learn more.

I studied Catholicism for a long time before decided to convert, I was also raised in a mixed Catholic/Protestant family so I had lots of exposure to Catholic practices but not so much the teachings behind them. Having been around evangelical Christians most of my adult life I found “born fundamentalist, born again Catholic” by David curie really resonated with me. It was the final kick before I joined the local Rcia program. I have to say the few hours I spend each week in Rcia is the highlight of my week, I just love it. read any book by Scott Hahn, no matter the topic he just has a way of explaining things especially for someone with a Protestant background

God bless

Right here on Catholic Answers is a great source of trustworthy information about Catholic teaching. At the top of this thread is an ad for Knights of Columbus, home study course. Check into that for now also. Maybe if you can call the local priest, he may be able to help you answer many of your questions. He may even be able to arrange rides for you to Mass etc. Please don’t get discouraged. Your on the right path to Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is a challenge, especially at your age with lack of transportation and family support, but it is well worth the effort. In spite of what most protestants think, our Catholic Faith is centered around Jesus Christ and what he has taught us. We are the original Christians. We completely defend life, marriage, family, the dignity of every human person and so much more. I am a lifelong Catholic and 79 years old and I still learn more every day. Watching EWTN, the Catholic Cable network has taught me so much and also Catholic Answers. My prayers are with you, God Bless, Memaw

That is horrific! The priest has a duty to save the souls of all those within his parish. Is it human respect for the parents or fear of criticism from the world that makes priests turn people away from Jesus (which is precisely what they are doing if they deny entry to the Church for someone who believes in her teachings, desires to live a Godly life and requests entry)? Or is it ignorance? The age of reason is approximately 7, not 18.

Edit: Do you mean he won’t let anyone on to the RCIA course unless they are 18, but will provide them with instruction some other way and will then receive them into the Church regardless of their age and the will of the parents, who have no right to prevent it?

Maybe you need to talk to a priest! God Bless, Memaw


It isn’t “horrific,” it’s common sense. How would you feel if a Protestant minister or cult leader went behind your back to convert your minor children?

Anyone under 18 who wants to become Catholic is Catholic in her heart. If she were to die, she wouldn’t go to hell.

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I watched my first Mass today on the ETWN website. What an amazing experience! I can’t wait until I can attend one in person, but until then I will read my Bible and learn more about the Catholic Faith (whether it be on here or in books or videos)and continue watching Mass online.

Again, thank you all for your help, I can’t say that enough.

God Bless you all.

If you can’t get to Mass, maybe you would enjoy the Divine Office. This is a series of prayers that you can say at various times of the day (though you can do as many sessions called “hours” as you wish). There are some websites that provide you with all the prayers and readings for the day. Look up Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours if you are interested. There are also traditional language versions available, PM me if you want a point in the right direction.

Parents’ feelings do not dictate the truth. I would do what I could to prevent a Protestant minister or cult leader converting my children because their religions are not true and it would be my God given duty to protect them. A non-Catholic may in their ignorance believe it to be their duty to prevent their children being converted to Catholicism but they would be wrong. You are comparing apples with oranges. Children belong to God not their parents and it is our Catholic duty to convert them if we can. Jesus did not say ‘Adults, and children with your parents’ blessing, repent and believe in the Gospel’, It is a monstrous sin against charity to be in a position where you can convert a child, but refrain from doing so out of respect for the parents; That is called ‘human respect’. In any case, we are speaking here of children and even young adults under 18 asking to be received into the Church but being rejected. If they died without perfect contrition they would indeed go to hell and it is actually a difficult thing to remain in a state of grace without the sacraments and surrounded by worldlings and others seeking to lead you from the truth. The objection of the parents gives good grounds to have the child received as soon as possible so that they can receive the sacraments and keep the Faith in a hostile household.

Recentrevert - I think you’ve forgotten about purgatory. It is not true that all who are not formally members of the Catholic Church will go to hell.


It is just common sense. And if a priest were to baptize a minor, I suppose in this litigious age his or her parents could sue the Church.

Speak with your Priest. I don’t know any Priest who would allow a minor into the Church without the consent of the parents.

Purgatory is a place for those who die with venial sins on their soul, or with punishment remaining for their mortal and venial sins which have been forgiven. The sacraments are ordinarily necessary for salvation. Without the sacraments it is difficult to remain in a state of grace. Without Confession, it is necessary for salvation to have perfect contrition for any mortal sins. The priest has a duty to receive all those who are suitably disposed into the Church and the parents have no right to object. All rights come from God Who desires that all people should become Catholics.

Just a small but important correction to your otherwise totally admirable post, Ophelia.

We do not believe that the Eucharist becomes physically the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the substance of the bread and wine are changed into the Sacramental flesh and blood, although the accidents - their physical qualities if you like - remain the same - the taste, the appearance, the space it takes up etc… Jesus is really, truly and substantially present but He is not subject to decay as something physical is, and can be in million of places at once, which something physical cannot be.To say that the Real Presence is physical is to deny or at least, misunderstand -Transubstantiation.

Purgatory is not a means to separate Catholics from virtuous non-Catholics. If a non-Catholic is not gravely accountable for not being Catholic, and obeyed the dictates of their conscious and made reparations (as they knew how) there is nothing that says they wouldn’t instantaneously go to Heaven. Or likewise, that a Catholic might endure Purgatory for awhile even if they are fully orthodox and yet betrayed charity in some way without reparation. We are not (per se) measured according to our orthodoxy, because our orthodoxy or lack thereof is something we inherit from our parents and our culture. We are measured according to our love for our Jesus, who lives among all of us, and most especially in the most vulnerable. A soul that - without fault of their own - was ignorant of some dogmatic truth is not inferior to one who - because of circumstance rather than because of merit - was disposed to believe in it.

All the same, if a person freely & consciously rejects the Church - which is simply another way of saying that they consciously reject Love, because its teachings are Love which have been secured by the Holy Spirit from grave error - then it would mean that they are choosing themselves, and by extension, that they are choosing hell.

I didn’t say that. The person I replied to seemed to be saying that all non-Catholics deserve hell - and get it. Which would put most of my family and many friends there, in spite of being good Christians. I don’t believe that, and it’s not what the Church teaches. None of us is perfect, which is why most of us - Catholic & non-Catholic alike - will end up in purgatory for a while.

Looking again at my post, I can see why it would look like I’m trying rebuttal you. I am expanding on what you were saying. :slight_smile:

Purgatory is not a place where people go if they are not perfect, otherwise only Jesus & his mother would avoid it, and there is a great amount of dialogue that says souls can and do go straight to the Father and to their heavenly home. Purgatory is a place of spiritual & corporal suffering ,where reparations for sins are made which were not done in our earthly life. A soul that is imperfect (and all souls are imperfect) and yet has made reparations, will go immediately to Heaven.

Mate no responsible priest or member of a religious order I ever encountered would act in that way. They would create massive troubles for the Church, their flock and cause ill will all round if they did.

Absolutely right, and in some places, be a violation of the law.

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