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Can someone please tell me if a non-catholic, divorced person can convert to the catholic religeon?

I was baptised as a baby into a protestant family, who were not church goers. In fact, most of my family are probably athiests.

My Grandfather was Catholic and often took me to mass with him as a child and I have always harboured a secret desire to practice what I have always considered to be my true faith.

I had a very short, unsuccesful, childless marriage in the 1990’s and was divorced amicably in 1996. I have since re-married a catholic man and have two beautiful sons. Both my sons have been baptised into the Roman Catholic Religeon.

My eldest son starts nursery at a Roman Catholic school this year and it has become pressingly important to me that he knows that we all, as a family, believe in and practice the same faith. I want to be able to answer all of their questions and help them understand the faith and to believe the way I do. I want to help them every step of the way to reach all of the milestones, i.e, sacramental programme, confirmation, communion etc, as it would give me so much happiness and pride.

At the moment I have a large sense of “not belonging” and it is high time I did something about this. I want to walk into church and actually feel like one of the “family”, to feel a true sense of belonging and not like the outsider I feel like at the moment!!

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I would first contact your local Parish and talk to a Priest about the annulment process. And look into RCIA or the like. Here is a link to a forum for folks like you (on the Journey)

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You mention you are remarried to a Catholic. Did you marry in the Catholic Church? Or did you marry outside the Catholic Church?


The short answer is yes, you can, regardless of your prior church affiliation or marriage situation. The Church’s doors are always open!

That said, Stephen_C is correct, you should contact your local parish to begin the process of entering into the sacramental life of the Church, which may or may not involved the annullment process.

God bless you and your family on your journey into full communion with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!

My recent conversion from Methodist to Catholic was something similar to you. My wife is Catholic and we have been married over 28 years now. Just last fall, I entered RCIA and this past Easter was baptised, confirmed, and we remarried in the Catholic Church. You need to speak with your priest or deacon from your parish and get into RCIA. It usually starts in the fall. PM me if you want more info.

Was your first marriage annulled before you married your real husband? If so, there should be no problem. And your current marriage will be valid; if it took place in the church it will be sacramental, too. Though you might like to have it blessed.

If not, then that will have to take place before you can receive the Sacraments. (You can still go to RCIA and Mass.) Either that, or you can live “as brother and sister” until you receive a declaration of nullity.

That means being celibate, because the Church assumes your first marriage is valid until declared null. That in turn means you are technically committing adultery when you share the marital embrace. Living celibately means you can receive the Sacraments, though. Important!

It’s not as hard as it seems, when you ask yourselves, “would I rather have the marital embrace now, or be with my spouse for eternity?”

Ruthie - been there, done that

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