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Hi everyone,
I am a cradle Episcopalian, married with two children ages 6 and 7. I have a long liniage of catholicism on my mother’s side of the family, and she has recently reverted back to catholocism. My brother has converted to catholicism as well. My husband is a baptized catholic, never confirmed, and has no interest in going to the catholic church. I would like to convert to catholicism along with my children, but I know my husband will want to stay away. Will there be a problem with this as far as the priests are concerned?

Thank you!


Shouldn’t be. I’m not sure, because he IS Catholic, if you will be asked to have your marriage convaldiated. He will not be the first man who needs to be persuaded to do this for his wife. Ask the priest. Surely he has dealt with this sort of thing before now.

As priests are people, too, if the first one grates on you, and you live in an area where there is more than one priest, find another.

Welcome home!


No, there will not be a problem with either you or your children converting if your DH is non-practicing. The only issue may be your marriage if he married you outside the Catholic form of marriage without dispensatioin. In that case, you may have to take some steps to have your marriage convalidated.

The best course would be to discuss it with your local parish priest.

Perhaps over time he will come back to active participation in the church given your example and prayer.


I will definitely be praying for you. I know another friend in a similar situation. Pray to the Blessed Mother for your husband. I saw you were on the St. Monica novena thread, too.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’d be keeping you in my nightly prayer intentions.

God bless you and welcome HOME! :slight_smile:


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