Converting with a father in the ministry

Hi! I would first like to request prayers from those here. I have been raised Southern Baptist, and my father is a full-time minister. My parents are both very anti-catholic. My husband and I have a deep wish to convert, but the obstacles we have to overcome are overwhelming to say the least. When we were still dating my parents found out about my interest in Catholicism. This went as terribly as I could. I was accused of being a heretic. Told I would not have their support, they would not attend our future children’s baptisms, and that my decision would be an direct affront and disobedience to them. I am very understanding of my parents. If I believed about The Church what the believe, I would be devastated and Terrified for the eternity of my future grandchildren. We eventually decided to burry any discussion to keep our relationship stable. There was no chance of a civil discussion. When my husband and I were still dating we began attending RCIA secretly but eventually has to stop because I was living with my parents, and being dishonest of my whereabouts was sinful and not how I wanted to start my catholic journey. My husband and I both work for my dad at his church at his request, and We do it out of respect for him and for family peace. We have both decided that the smoothest transition possible would be to restart RCIA again once we are done with college and can move to another area. My conversion will not only cause my parents personal grief, but if we decide to convert while living in their area, we will cause them immense grief in my father’s job. I understand that no matter what, this decision is going to deeply hurt them and a rift will be created. Although, my goal to do as much damage control on my end that I can. I love my parents deeply. We have a uniquely close bond, and have been so fortunate to be raised in such a God fearing home. They have given me a wonderful foundation, and I am thankful for the faith I was raised in. I just need to complete my faith. I cannot do that anywhere else but Catholicism. SO now that I have written a book, those of you who have been kind enough to read my sob story: 1. please pray for my husband and I. 2. Is there anywhere here who was raised in the Protestant ministry that converted? How did you handle the pain in regard to your relationship with your parents? Thank you so much and God bless.

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You are adults and you have to answer for your own souls when the time comes. Being bullied by someone to stay in a certain church is not right. You do what you think is best for yourselves and your family. Your parents will have to answer for themselves.

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I am so sorry you’re going through such pain. And welcome to the forums.

While I don’t have personal experience with this, our family has many converts to the Catholic faith from anti-Cathic protestant families. I am very close to my sister-in-law who is a convert like this. My dad was a convert who had to deal with this as well. Although it is heartbreaking, your parents love you and will see, as time passes, that you are still their loving daughter. The relationship will heal, if they are mature and healthy adults. You need to let their suffering go and focus on building your new life with your husband. This is a right of passage into adulthood and healthy boundary-setting. Read Matthew 19:29. Much of life is letting go of attachments and turning to God. God bless you for your saintly and admirable courage! And welcome! This is your new family, so enjoy reachinf out to your family in friendship. :slight_smile:

I think this thread might end up in the “spirituality” section of the forum, so do t be worried if you do t see it in Casual Discussion anymore.

I’ll pray for both of you! I’m in a very similar situation that I hope I’ll be able to share soon (but I still didn’t make a proper decision).

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welcome Polycarp! :hugs: :grinning:

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Thank you @Daisy!

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In my prayers!


Two things, my dad is a nationally known evangelist/gospel singer. I grew up on the road full time in the ministry with my entire family. I understand where you are. HUGS and feel free to PM me.

Second, there is a Catholic ministry specifically aimed at non-Catholic clergy and/or their family members who are considering conversion. They have an online community of forums

Last year I sponsored a young man, son of a Southern Baptist minister.

When you speak of working for the Church, I was expected to take over my father’s ministry so, my heart is so moved reading your post.

In the end, my parents did attend our son’s baptism and his confirmation. We have good discussions and it is okay.


This is where you can get support

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