Hi everyone,
I am interested in joining the Catholic Church, and am curious about how a couple of issues in my life will affect that. I divorced my first husband after four years, and am now happily married (10 years) with a child. My husband and I were baptized together in the Assembly of God Church six years ago, but have fallen away from that church since moving to a new town. My question is how will my previous divorce affect my desire to join the Church, and will my baptism be recognized in the Church?


Hi Mary!
I can’t speak to the divorce issue, but I can assure you that so long as you were baptised with water and “in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” The Catholic Church will recognize your Christian baptism. You need to take up both issues with the pastor of your parish and you and your husband need to enroll in RCIA asap since Easter is only 3 months away.


Don’t be in a rush. Do speak with a priest. Think about joining RCIA but with the thought of coming into the Church NEXT Easter. Becoming Catholic is a BIG deal. Be deliberate and be sure.



Don’t be too quick about attributing validity to Assembly of God baptisms. They are Pentecostals who may (or may not) have heterodox baptism formulas.


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