Converts and Religious Life- Canon Law/Wait Time

Hi y’all,
I’ve been interested in religious life since the time I committed to joining the Church. I’ll spare you the back story for now, and instead ask a more specific question. I know converts (sensibly) have to spend some time as Catholics before they can join orders, but how long? One religious I spoke to said Canon Law required two years. I don’t doubt him, but I’ve been unable to find that statute myself, the closest thing being this:
Can. 1042 The following are simply impeded from receiving orders:
3/ a neophyte unless he has been proven sufficient in the judgment of the ordinary.

So what constitutes ‘neophyte’ (is it a certain duration, or just a general term for ‘newbie’)? Is there more in the Canon that I’m missing? Are the requirements for secular priesthood the same as for orders in this regard? Please keep in mind that I’m not trying to jump the gun and
take vows as soon as I’m baptized. I just want to understand my situation as precisely as I can. Thank you in advance.

I am also a convert who began investigating religious life/priesthood almost immediately after converting. After speaking with several religious superiors and my diocese’s vocations director, it seemed to me that each entity has its own rule. My diocese has a 3-year waiting period. With our neighboring diocese it’s 2 years. Most religious orders are somewhere in that range.

I think it depends on the particular order or even particular monastery or convent. A friend of mine went through RCIA and thought she was called to become a nun. One group of Poor Clares told her they wouldn’t even talk with her about the possibility until she had reached her second anniversary of entering the Church. Another Poor Clare monastery was willing to admit her after a year.

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