Converts, are you more traditional?


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Basically though, I was curious to see how many converts lean to the more “traditional” kind of Catholicism?


I’ve been Catholic for nearly two years now and I’d consider myself fairly middle of the road with maybe slight leanings to the traditional side. I am most certainly committed to all the truths of the Church, no budging there. As for things like Mass, I’m happy with the OF. I tend to prefer hymns over newer songs, although there are a few I don’t mind. I prefer piano and organ over guitars and drums. I, however, have no interest in having the whole Mass in Latin. I don’t mind some Latin, but not the whole thing. If others want to go to the EF, fine, but I’m not really interested.


I’m a recent convert and I would definitely say I am more traditional if anything. Its that convert ‘zeal’ that many converts have… it translates into a deeper appreciation of the history of the Church and its Traditions. I’m in a liberal-ish RCIA program, with some good points yet some not so good ones.

I would definitely be attending Tridentine masses whenever possible, God willing after my baptism and communion with the Church.

And I’m a 22 year old college guy.


It depends on how you define “traditional”. I prefer traditional hymns and love the Tridentine Mass, but don’t question the validity of Vatican II or the Novus Ordo. I took my profession of faith seriously and without reservation. I wouldn’t have joined the Catholic Church otherwise. :slight_smile:


30 years ago, when I became Catholic, I was attracted to traditionalism, and was dismayed at all the abandonment of older practices, as well as the non-conformity to Church teachings.

Gradually, however, I came to accept how things were.


I would say yes, I am more traditional than most “cradle catholics” I know. Like posters 3 and 4 I do not reject VII or the Pauline mass (though I prefer the usus antiquior personally).


I’ve been a convert for about a year, and I think I’m very traditional. I’m not attending the Latin Mass, though, as I like to understand all the words and drink them in. When I originally converted, I opposed Vatican II, but now I’ve embraced almost all of its changes and explanations.


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