Converts as Consecrated Virgins

I have a somewhat sensitive question to ask regarding discernment for consecrated virgins. From what I understand, a woman must be a physical virgin to live the life. What does the Church say, however, about women who are unmarried converts and have lived celibate lives since conversion, but are not virgins? Are there any references with regards to this situation?

Thank you and God bless you all in your discernment!

Welcome home to Rome.

One has to be physically intact as a virgin to be consecrated as a virgin.

Otherwise, perseverance as a penitent practicing ‘second virginity’ could lead to other forms of public consecration, as in a secular institute.


Thank you for your reply, Cloisters! One more question-- does this mean that widows are unable to be consecrated virgins?


as mentioned before, lay associations, third orders, oblatures, and secular institutes are the main choices. some religious orders, like the visitation, will accept widows after discernment .


Yes, consecrated virgins need to be actual virgins. It is a very specific kind of consecration. It is not available for widows or penitents. There are other kinds of consecrated life that do not require physical virginity.

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