Converts from Orthodox to Catholic?


This is my question to anyone who was formerly Orthodox, but now Catholic. I was wondering if you can share me your testimony of how you came to your decision to convert. Specifically, how did you become convinced that the Catholic Church holds to God’s truth more than does the Orthodox Church?


I did know an Orthodox who was attending an Eastern Catholic church. But this was because her husband was Catholic and also the nearest Orthodox Church was quite a long distance away.

As a traditional (“high Church”) Anglican, I felt just as “Catholic” as Rome or the Orthodox. I would tell people, “I’m just like the Catholics, except I don’t accept their ideas about the Pope.”

Well, those ideas about the Pope were the very ideas that I could finally ignore no longer.

Rev. Ray Ryland

It should not be hard because the Orthodox are already Catholics, albeit a schismatic part of the Church.

Are you a former Orthodox? If so, are the points made in those articles a reflection of your journey from Orthodoxy to Catholicism?

I know that Orthodox are catholic in the “universal” sense. What I had in mind was Catholic in the “perfect communion with Rome” sense of the term.

Bump! There’s got to be someone here who was formerly Orthodox.

An Eastern Catholic bishop responds to this point you’ve made. The Orthodox “claim” to be catholic and Catholic.


I thought that it was heretical to deny papal infallibility?

Well, I mean there’s this guy

Where can I read his conversion story?

I am not sure if you may like these…but these should give you some insights…

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