Converts from Orthodoxy?

Is there anyone here who has converted from Eastern Orthodoxy to Catholicism? Or any who are considering such a switch? I’d be interested in hearing your stories, or at least knowing if there are some of y’all out there.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There are some out there.

I’m not one of them.

I’ll let them speak first.


Isa-- I started this thread becasue I’ve read statements from Catholics here who converted to Orthodoxy, or who are in the midst of discerning a conversion. I’m curious to hear about people who’ve gone the opposite way.

You know what’d be really interesting? Any former Orthodox who converted to the Latin rite of Catholicism. I’m sure there aren’t many (or any) of those, but it’d be interesting nonetheless.


Actually, I am positive that the overwhelming majority of persons who convert from Orthodox to your church convert in a Latin parish with a Latin understanding of theology. They convert to be “Roman” Catholics (I am told this is considered a pejorative now, so understand that I do not mean to insult).

What they may not even realize is that they are ascribed by canon law of your church to an Eastern Catholic body automatically. For instance, a Bulgarian Orthodox person, converting in a Latin parish in Brooklyn will automatically be ascribed to the Bulgarian Catholic church, even though that church has no hierarchy and for all practical purposes does not even exist (except possibly in a few small parishes in Bulgaria).

Parish priests are supposed to keep detailed records of these transactions, but often they don’t even bother explaining it to the individual. The convert gets the full Latin understanding (which is why they convert in the first place) and full Latin religious practice, leaving behind the theology and devotions real Bulgarian Catholics would take for granted.

Very few Orthodox will convert to an Eastern Catholic parish because (at least in North/South America and Western Europe) they will not have any exposure to it. It’s just not an option they consider going in. The chances are pretty good they will not hear about it in RCIA either.

Hesychios, thanks!

I never thought of it that way.

As it stands they should not be going through RCIA, when it happens (and it does happen) it is an abuse. A simple profession of faith is all that it should take.

I suspect that most of the conversions are largely born out of marriage - we see this in Greek Catholic circles too. An Eastern Christian boy marries a Roman rite gal (this happened with my cousin) the local Latin parish is pretty post-ethnic and has a school… The local Eastern parish is smaller, does not have a school and in some instances the gal feels “out of the loop” if the parish is ethnic and feels it is too much to deal with on top of a liturgy she is not accustomed to…

My experience with this situation is the transition is often more from East to West for those reasons.

Let us be very clear on this. I am technically an Independent Orthodox Archimandrite. However, there is no stability in the independent movement–indeed, very little stability in the various “Canonical” Orthodox Churches here in America–for instance, not a healthy monastic community anywhere in the USA. Therefore, for my protection, I am seeking the official protection of an Eastern Catholic Bishop–one in union with Rome. The stability of the Catholic Church is one that I have known for a long time, as I am a cradle Catholic (Latin Rite). Now chew on that for a while.

I am what I suppose would be called a “revert”–raised Roman Catholic, converted to Orthodoxy, now seeking to return to the Catholic church via the Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholic church.

WELCOME BACK!!! :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

praise God! now you can spill the beans and give your entire testimony. :smiley:

Oh dear. :o It will have to wait till I’m done doing lessons with the kids.

Welcome Fr Brendan,

Please bless!

Well, you are looking in the right direction if stability is what you want. Even if the entire Byzantine Catholic structure in North America were to collapse there will always be someone responsible for redistributing the assets.

I wonder if you have contacted the Eparch of Parma, bishop John? If he accepted you he could probably assign you to an inner city parish, and you could build your community from there.


Why are you seeking what you can have?

Please contact me privately–my browser will not load the page allowing me to PM or email you.

I converted from Russian Orthodox to Roman Catholic. And, I am much more at home now. I felt out of place and was never quite in synch with Eastern Orthodoxy. Perhaps, it’s because I remember going to Catholic schools and attending mass five days a week. But, whatever the reason I was more comfortable at the Catholic church. I finally converted with a profession of faith after being told by *every *Catholic parish that I needed to go through RCIA. I found a priest who had been Greek Orthodox and had converted and he agreed that all I needed was a profession of faith. I am much happier now and attend Mass every week. When I was Orthodox it was a chore to go to liturgy. :cool:

I was wondering if any of the Greek Orthodox subscribers have read any of Vassula Ryden’s books which are private revelation but she is a Greek Orthodox woman and she does accept the Pope as head of the church and says Jesus wants everyone back together in one church. I have read some of the volumes ( about up to volume 8) of the messages. I was just wondering if anyone else had seen or heard of them and what your perception of the messages was, positive or negative.

I am glad the Holy Spirit is always working heliping all of us and I think it would be wonderful if we could be back in one church.

God Bless everyone, MaryJohn

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