Converts to ACoE

Is there anyone here who joined the ACoE (Assyrian Church of the East) as an adult? And if so, what made you decide to?

I seem to recall one poster a while back who did so. Although I got the impression he tends to jump churches a lot.

Although it is currently headquartered in the USA (not far from where I live) it is actually kind of small in every country it is established. I am guessing it will be a long time before anyone responds in the affirmative but I am certainly interested in reading the response. :slight_smile:

I used to live in a city with an Assyrian parish and visited them.

The weren’t welcoming to say the least, and I think they would not nbe welcoming to non-Iraqi inquires either.

At least this parish was clannish.

Interesting question. I’d like to hear the answer too.


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