Conviction Overturned for Woman Arrested for Saying Rosary During 2014 Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City


In 2014 a Catholic woman was arrested for kneeling and saying the rosary outside as a black mass was occurring inside a public building, Oklahoma City’s Civic Center. A black mass mocks the Catholic mass with blasphemous acts, usually involving desecrating a consecrated eucharistic host. Arrested for trespass, she was later charged instead with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest for going limp. An appeals court has now ruled her arrest was “unlawful” because she was on public property.




She *wasn’t *arrested for saying the rosary, as per your subject line.
That is not the headline for the news article you linked us to, which states:
**Convictions overturned for woman arrested during 2014 satanic “black mass” protest in Oklahoma City
Was it a different headline when you posted it?

She was first arrested for “trespassing on private property” and “interference with official process”, and both were later changed to “disorderly conduct” and “interfering or obstructing by disobeying a lawful command”.

It is not good to spread incorrect information like that faulty headline; it breeds unwarranted anger.

She’s been arrested “hundreds of times” she says.
She doesn’t seem to mind it.
She was fined for her behavior.



When I tried to read it, the text was grayed out.

If it’s a public building, doesn’t that mean it’s public property?

Was she praying with a mega-phone or something?


As pointed out by Daddygirl the title of this thread is misleading. She wasn’t arrested for praying. She was arrested for blocking entry and ignoring requests from the police to move away from the door. As pointed out in the article the door she blocked was an exit and not an entry and for the event there was a different door being used for entry so she cannot be said shown to have blocked an entry.


I hope you will be this critical of threads that you agree with.


I’m supportive of the idea of us holding each other accountable for what we say here. If I see something as missing vital information or a misrepresentation often times I point it out. I hope that others will grant me the courtesy of doing the same if something that I write misrepresents or misses vital information. Especially if that misrepresentation has the potential to unnecessarily anger people.


100% in agreement with you, ThinkingSapien.

God is Truth.


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