Convincing a Catholic that Jesus really existed...


I would like advice on where or how to begin to convince a baptised, confirmed, 32 yr old Catholic that Jesus was real, that He really existed. This person has figured out in his own mind what God is and thinks the Catholic Churches teachings are rather one sided and that his personal ideas are just fine.

Then I would like to convince him that Jesus is the living Son of God. But first things first. Please try to help.



I think you’ll find the following books and articles helpful:

Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli

*Mere Christianity * by C.S. Lewis

*Evidence That Demands a Verdict * by Josh McDowell (Protestant)

Article: Kreeft, Peter. “The Divinity of Christ.” Chapter 8 in the book Fundamentals of the Faith.

Article: “Early Historical Documents on Jesus Christ

*Fundamentals of the Faith * by Peter Kreeft

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