Conviviality vs. Reverence? When?


Was there a concerted effort in the USA in the past 50 years by the bishops through parish pastors to make the celebration and atmosphere surrounding the Mass more convivial and less solemn? Can anyone point to anything specific? Did the tone come from the Holy See? Did they then begin teaching it in the seminaries?

Please, please don’t litter this thread with comments about VCII, the EF Mass, communion on tongue, Gregorian Chant, mantillas, etc. I remember OF Masses that were celebrated in an extremely solemn and reverent atmosphere, including today in some select parishes.

I really want to understand if there was a concerted effort by the Church to become more convivial and less solemn? Perhaps in an attempt to grow attendance or stem the loss of Catholic? Where was the beginning point of this slide? Thanks.


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