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I am going to try to make baked potato wedges for tonight’s dinner. I found a few recipes on the internet and they’re all pretty similar but some have them baking at 375* for 45 minutes and some have them baking at 400* for 30-40 minutes.

What, if anything, is the difference with the baking temps? If I want them to be on the “crispier” side, should I bake at the higher temperature for the shorter time?

Also, if anyone has any good baked potato wedge recipes (homemade fries), please share. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:


I have a great recipe, thing is - it as at home.

Coating them with some olive oil and seasoning, use a good waxy potato (like a red potato)… and it always seems to take a bit longer than the recipe says when I make them…


Use sea salt! All salts are not created equal.


I make these a lot!

Sometimes if I’m in a rush I’ll nuke the potatoes in the microwave FIRST to start the cooking process on the inside… then it doesn’t take as long to cook them in the oven (to “crisp” them up)…

I think I usually coat them with a little olive oil, crushed pepper, and garlic salt…

I’m not one to follow recipes, LOL… I just poke at things to see if they’re soft and done…
I’m pretty sure I usually cook them at ~400F until they look crispy (and I will often stir them around so they don’t stick in the pan)…


I’ve also found that the best way to coat is to put a little olive oil in a zip top bag and SHAKE the taters in there.


That’s how I do it too!


Yes to 400 degrees
Yes to sea salt
Yes to olive oil
Yes to spices
Yes to ziploc

Good advice from all!:thumbsup:


They’re pretty good with a little Italian seasoning on them, too.


Thanks everyone for the advice! They’re in the oven now at 400*. I found two separate recipes with different seasonings so I’m making both. If they turn out, I’ll definitely try the ziploc bag next time, although my 3 year old enjoyed “painting” them. :smiley:


Do you mean in addition to the other spices or instead of?

That’s what kind of chicken we’re having tonight! :thumbsup:


I shake mine in a plastic bag with a little olive oil, Italian seasoning (or just oregano), a little salt and cracked pepper.


When I first read your post, I was thinking Italian dressing. :doh2: This makes more sense. :yup:


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