Cooking re: sardines and anchovies

I think I could eat canned anchovies if it weren’t for their overly salty and fishy taste. I was wondering if the cooks in the house had any tips on how to get rid of these flavors.

Oh, and can anchovies be grilled?

Pax Tecum.

The only thing that I would canned anchovies for would be a Caesar salad and a Puttanesca sauce. Try tio work with the saltiness(anchovies were once used as a salt substitute in Italy-there was a tax on salt ant that is how the got around it).I tend to use anchovies that are preserved in salt then I just wash them off.I would say maybe canned ones could be washed offf and maybe put in some milk to gcut the fishiness.Like I said before work with the ingredient-not against it
I personally like them on pizza!:smiley:

Fresh anchovies can be grilled - just as you would any similar fish. Canned , salty anchovies are usually used in moderation so you get the flavour but it does not overcome the other flavours. A lot of the saltiness can be rinsed off under running water , the fishy taste in inherent. These flavours however are the reason most people eat them - plus of course nutrition.:knight2:

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