Cool Catholic Pictures

Hello All,

I’d like to see how many cool catholic pictures we can pull together for each other to check out. I always enjoy doing this! Please pitch in photos, particularly local ones that no one else would know of…

Here’s a couple from me: My wonderful bishop (when he was in Rome) (An ordination in the Old rite (not a local event) The gospel at an EF celebrated by my wonderful bishop A Eucharistic procession The consecration at an OF ad orientem Mass

Anybody else have ones like this? I’d love to see them (as many others would, I’m sure)!

I love this one


A few worth viewing: Altar of the Chair Papal Coronation, 1963 Pope Paul VI, St. Peter’s Square The Sacrament of Penance

The first three photos were found on the following blog: This is my desktop wallpaper

smaller version:

A brief digression. I happen to have the ornate high altar of Saint-Eustache Church of Paris, France as my current wallpaper:

Nevertheless, a worthwhile addition to this thread.

WOW wow wow beautiful

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