Cool Catholics Rule


My brother used to have an aversion to “nerdish” Catholics. My grandmother would often speak very piously and was in a habit of forcing us to say the Rosary with her. He didn’t like the more conservative, hardcore Catholic, I guess.
He became a fairly lacksadaisical, Catholic over the years and I became completely lapsed. I think through my brother I became addicted to “cool”. he was older and I was quite influenced by him. I grew up in the seventies too. My father was very fond of a joke and British comedies were in their hey day. Monty Python. Dave Allen. Dick Emery. Two Ronnies. Christianity got made fun of , as I gradually drifted away from the Church. As I see it now, I was part of the Sexual Revolution, rebellion, post Vat II era.
You might even associate me with that much maligned word ………………….liberal! But we wont go into a definition of that word again. I cant help being around in that post hippie decade. Young and impressionable as I was and maybe still am.

Anyway. I am growing to respect catholic nerds. ones who go to Church every day for instance. That is discipline I don’t possess. These people have love in their hearts and that is all that matters.


I was just going to call this thread Cool Catholics but the forum asked for more letters so I had to add “Rule”.


I wish you would become a conservative Catholic too.


I don’t remember saying I wanted to be one.


I’m just trying to work the word “catholic into” my post. Just a moment.


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