Cool Day at Mass with Bishop of Las Vegas

Great day today I got to shake hands with the Bishop of Las Vegas : It was really cool :slight_smile:

That’s cool. Saturday evening I was in Cleveland… got to meet the Daughters of St. Paul choir and the Cleveland bishop… most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Great to hear you enjoyed seeing the Bishop in Vegas. He has an unusual diocese. Lot of poker chips thrown in the collection plate. That’s OK. They gather them up, sort them by casinos, and have a local monastary arrange to go cash them in. Those assigned to the task are called chip monks. :smiley:

It is always awesome to meet a Bishop - successor of the Apostles. I am so happy for you all. Here in the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend, we get to see our beloved Bishop often. He is very busy & is very much involved with our diocese. He is very prayerful & loves Our Blessed Mother very much. He is very funny too I might add. I am however saddened by the fact that Pope Benedict XVI just recently accepted his retirement application. Good thing though is he is going to stay in the area & help out if needed so we still get to see him & Pope Benedict just appointed the good Bishop of Harrisburg, PA to replace him.

Take care & God bless you all!

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