Cool effect on the USCCB website

I know there has been a posting about the portion of the USCCB’s website dedicated to the new translation. But I noticed a cool feature today and thought I would call people’s attention to it.

The new responses float across the top. “and with your Spirit” “it is right and just”

Very nice.


What a great feature! I’d also direct folks’ attention to the side-by-side chart for the assembly, featuring both the current and newly-translated parts. It is available HERE.

The whole page on the new translation is really well put-together, and I hope parishes will take full advantage of all the resources sooner rather than later. Early catechesis is essential for a smooth, edifying and prayerful entrance into the new texts.



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Nice Thread ! having reviewed the Canadian Roman Missal I can see that it is almost identical to the American Roman Missal. Perhaps it’s too premature to ask in some dioceses (“speaking mostly in my own country”) but, I wonder when this Roman Missal will actually go into effect given the fact that most priest in their parishes already have the new Sacramentary. I ask this because I have yet to see any changes in the prayers of the Mass.
Are most priest in catholic parishes in the United States presently using the new Roman Missal?

No, there is no authorization to do so from the Vatican (at least not in English, they can use the Latin one right now :wink:

The new translation is expected to be introduced either Advent 2010 or Advent 2011.

That link is really very nice.Really great features.
Please keep sharing more in future…Thank you for this post…

If it’s early catechesis you seek, I know of a book… (see my signature) :wink:

And I can second that as well. I recently got two copies, one for me and one for my pastor :slight_smile:

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