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Hey, everyone. A few weeks ago I was doing a meditation after saying the rosary as part of the First Saturday Devotion. It lasted fifteen minutes, and I used a few select Gospel Songs. Maybe three minutes in, I felt so at peace and with God. I really felt as if I was in the company of The Blessed Mother, as well. Obviously, this is NOT a vision, just a really nice spiritual experience where I felt like nothing else in the world mattered, just me and God. Anyone else have anything like this before?


No. Sorry… ):

I have had profound experiences while praying the Divine Mercy… as in… someone popping into my head and overwhelming sorrow following so that I can barely continue praying.

Yes, I have. I don’t meditate, per se, I’m not sure I know how. But once in a while during prayer, I will find myself completely at peace, and there is a warmth about me, and the knowledge that God is near. Sometimes I feel that it is Mary. Sometimes I feel that it is both.

Blessed be God forever!

When I was struggling to find faith again, I prayed and cried to God for days to help me believe. After a series of subtle affirmations of His presence, He hit me hard with a last sign after which my whole body felt like… Ya know that tingly feeling you get after you’ve been sitting on your foot for too long? It was like that, but warm and more pleasant, from head to toe, for about 20 minutes. It was the most intense experience of my life, and this is the first time I’ve ever discussed it.

I think this might be the same as something I always describe as “electric fog.” Like a cloud of tiny pinpoints of energy. My RCIA sponsor said,“Oh, that’s the Holy Spirit.” It’s very wonderful feeling and I’ve always taken it as the direct action of the Holy Spirit.

I think the OP’s “feeling” is just as much a sign of the Divine Presence. In moments in life that can lead to doubt or despair, I think recalling these things is a huge Grace, because I can say, “But wait… I didn’t imagine those things, I know God is real, present and loves me. Me, personally.” Which always makes me so grateful and feel so comforted.

i experienced the same after Holy Communion

Yes, “electric fog” describes it uncannily well! I, too, believe it is the Holy Spirit! It brought me to my knees and tears. God has been too good to this lowly sinner. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Sounds like it might be the beginning stages of contemplation. Read St John of the Cross. Best of luck!

I once used “There Were Shepherds Abiding in the Fields” from Handel’s Messiah as a meditation aid, and in the middle of it, I asked my guardian angel what it was like that first Christmas night…

Immediately, I was overwhelmed by a sense of pure joy, so intense that I burst out into tears of joy. I don’t mean getting a bit misty eyed, I mean tears just pouring down my cheeks. Just thinking about that memory is enough to make me tear up again, but it’s a nice feeling.

Amen, to that brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for the kind and affirming words. This may truly be the Divine Presence with me, and all of us who have described these feelings. God Bless You All

-Life With Christ

I sometimes wonder if, seeing these stories online in different places, God is choosing this time in history to be very Present to us just regular old Catholic faithful, or if it’s always been this way but there was no internet for people to share their experiences. Sometimes I relate it to us having so many “living Saints” in modern times, like Padre Pio, Mother Teresa and Blessed Pope John Paul II. (I know they have passed, but all were alive during my life and all influenced me very much.)

Thanks, LifewithChrist for starting the thread.

Sounds as tho you were given a consolation from God. That is the way you described it.
It is a joy and a happiness experienced mainly in prayer and “feels” wonderful. This is a way that Jesus has of encouraging us to do better. Sometimes they go on and off for a period of time. Then they will stop. And this is the important part. They stop because He wants to bring us closer to Him. Sounds backward dosen’t it? Because we feel closer to him and seem to pray so much better when we have this joy and happy time being close to Him. But he does that to get your attention and devotion going. And then this consolation period will stop and then a person wonders what they did wrong since they have stopped. Obviously the person feels badly that they stopped and caused it to stop in some way. This could be the case, but 19 times out of 20, this is not the reason. The real reason is that he wants us to do the work when we pray. By that I mean that it is wonderful to pray with consolation, and not easy when there is only our determination to pray and no help from our dear sweet Saviour. Now He is closer to us than when we were having those consolations but we won’t feel his presence, in fact we feel his distinct absence. Now the choice is ours. We will be faithful to prayer because we love him and not because we are being rewarded. Then prayer becomes more pure and pleasing because we are being obedient and faithful, going against our natural tendencies to quit when prayer gets tough. Here is what a couple of big saints said about consolations.

‘When God infuses extraordinary sweetnesses into the soul, a man ought to prepare for some serious tribulation or temptation.’ St. Philip Neri

‘Any tempest which assails us and which we did not bring on ourselves through any fault of ours, foretells a consolation soon to follow it.’ St. Ignatius of Loyola

Mother Teresa once mentioned she had no consolation, even in receiving Holy Communion, for a long period.

It is important to understand that you may break any promise to yourself except to be faithful to you prayer life. Prayer is where it is at, sink or swim. We must never under any condition give that up. And as far as consolations are concerned, always be grateful for them, but be even more grateful to Him when you don’t have them.

Someone once said, to seek the God of consolations, not the consolations of God.

Just a thought or two.

Many times.


I felt like that the first time I went to Eucharistic Adoration. It was almost trance-like, it was so peaceful! I had to get home, but I didn’t want to leave. I had to physically force myself to get up and go.

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