Cooperating the sins of others


Does anyone have any sources that explain when we are morally obligated to speak out against anothers sin?


We discussed this very thing at our Saturday morning men’s this morning. There is a Spiritual Work of Mercy that says to admonish the sinner. The best example that came to mind was Jesus and his handling of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus did not judge her or condemn her, but he did tell her to sin no more. He treated the woman at the well in much the same fashion.

Now then, to be admonishing everyone we think is acting in a sinful way is not prudent, but in cases where we have some knowledge that the person will accept what we say and not just brush it aside or give us a good punch in the snazzola it is a good thing to do. To tell someone they are going to hell for doing whatever is not a judgement for us to make. We judge the action, not the person.


Thanks, but I mean when is it sinfull not to admonish the sinner. I know this is the case with parents and children, but are their any other cases?


BUMP :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe when we dont speak up about abortion(just an example)


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