Cooperating with another's sin


My wife has a relatively new friend who has 3 small kids and is in the process of getting divorced because her husband was verbally abusive for most of their 13 year marriage. Neither are Catholic. She began the divorce process just a few weeks ago and has already begun dating and “having relations” with another man. (She revealed this to my wife.) Last Saturday, she wanted us to watch her kids while she went to his apt to “watch TV”. Our 3 kids are visiting Gandma and Grandpa for the weekend so we made plans to go out ourselves, which gave us an excuse to say NO.

I’m aware that, knowing what she’s revealed to my wife about their relationship, we would be enabling, cooperating, and facilitating this gravely sinful activity; making us culpable for the same sin.

The next time we probably won’t have a convenient excuse to say no. Any suggestions on how to tactfully convey that we cannot cooperate with her in this sort of activity?

Thanks in advance and God Bless…


I’m not big on giving people explanations as to why I can’t do something (dh not included!). “No, I’m sorry, that doesn’t work for us” is really all you need to say. If she’s a new friend, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

If she says she needs a sitter to go to the Dr, and you can do it, fine. If she says she’s going out with her new boyfriend, kindly decline. If you find she lied and saw her boyfriend and not the Dr, it’s not your fault, but decline the next time. —KCT


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