COP21: Did the Pope save the climate deal?


As world leaders hail what they are calling an historic deal at the climate summit, rumours abound about how the final deadlock was resolved.

Exhausted delegates were held up for hours in the final stage of the conference as final glitches were ironed out.

It was a typical last-minute drama in climate talks. The world is gathered to cheer a deal, then a few nations decide to dig in their heels.


The problem I see with this “climate deal” is that it doesn’t really take effect for 50 years down the road. In 50 years half or a percentage of the nations that signed the deal may not even exist by then. We all know how various nations keep their pledges. We can hope and pray for the best results, but I don’t think I can “hold my breath” for 50 years, esp. looking at world events, wars and failing governments. We will see…someone send me a message and let me know how the climate deal progressed…OK?:wink:


My guess is that this administration doesn’t care whether other nations adhere to it or not. The objective is to impose it on the U.S., which they have a little more than a year to implement.


Looks like India is unimpressed, planning to double coal output.–finance.html


Another bad environmental deal that let’s wealthy fat cats sleep well as though they’ve done anything substantial, while hurting the poor and middle class in the nations that will actually try and do this nonsense. These deals highlight the fact that the notion of “caring for the poor” among secular progressives (and at times, the Vatican) is just lip service.

Does the Holy Father actually think this is meaningful, and if so, why? What am I missing?


The developing nations will continue to use coal or oil or whatever source of energy is cheap and available. Only the U.S. seems willing to sacrifice prosperity for environmentalism, and exchange cheap energy for expensive energy, making its citizens poorer in the process.


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