Copies of Peregrinus


Does anyone know if there are copies of Peregrinus Gasolinus: Wandering Notes on the Liturgy or Peregrinus Goes Abroad existing and for sale, perhaps online? Romanitas Press is gradually digitizing them and posting them in installments, but I’d like to find the whole collection.


Worldcat shows that it is in the collection of about thirty college libraries. Here’s the link, with the listings ordered by their proximity to Kansas. I recall your from out that way, plus or minus. You can try to get them through interlibrary loan:

I could find no used copies for sale by anyone.

Also, if you go to Benedictine College or Conception Abbey in person, give them a week heads up so that they can dig the book out of the archives for you, and confirm that they did before you go. This is a rather obscure book and it’s probably buried deep somewhere in the archives. I don’t think you’ll find it sitting on the shelves.



Thanks for your help!


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