Hi I’m Sharon I have a son that’s been raised catholic he is currently in college 3 years now, when he first started school he had a hard time finding a catholic church within his location and when he did find one he did not have transportation, so he started going to church with a friend, I accepted that I said It’s one God and as long as they’re teaching God’s word I’m fine and I was glad he wanted to continue to persue God’s word, well to make a long story short he joined the Baptist church and I don’t know I’m left shaking my head everytime I think about it. This is a young man that was brought up everything catholic went to a catholic school, alter server lector the whole sha-bang. Asking for prays that he will one day find his way back.





I am experiencing the same thing. Raised kids the best we could, kept it as Catholic at home as possible, but it boils down to the fact that they assert their independence, have a free will, and they go off on another path. And you know what? I was the same way at their age. I didn’t see a need for “organized religion” and felt that I wasn’t stealing or going around killing people so I was just fine with no religion. But when I got to be about 25, I noticed something missing in my life and an emptiness that needed to be filled. Thank God I started going back to church. The Catholic Church. I pray for my kids, that they have good people in their lives who will draw them back to the Church someday. I’m praying for yours and you can pray for mine! God bless you!


Thanks for the encouragement Theresa we’ll pray for each other.


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