Cops: Man kills dog, streaks, pours coffee on head

Okay this one is too funny or just too weird to be funny…not real sure. :eek:

Sounds like something out of National Lampoon, or something…

I believe in demons, and one got into this poor guy.

I don’t think there is anything funny about cruelty to animals…:shrug::confused:

Seriously. Poor little brave doggie. :frowning:

No, but I’ve noticed a trend that folks get more upset over cruelty to animals than to humans. A few years ago one of our local DAs (in Troy, IIRC) set up a special unit for animal-cruelty crimes, she said her office got more crimes about them than even about child murders.

Well I don’t think you should be cruel to either,just because we care about one doesn’t -mean we can’t care about the other

That’s because cruelty to animals is more prevalent. People who are just violent bullies (as opposed to the mentally ill who have no grasp of reality) know that if you kill a person, you go to prison, and possibly even get executed depending on where you live. They also know if they kill an animal, they’ll barely get a slap on the wrist.


Well, I guarantee you there are more people being cruel to animals than are murdering children though.

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