Coptic Christian Orthodox Church: Is it in communion with Rome?

We were driving along on Father’s day and ran across a new church about 10 minutes away from our house. It looked HUGE, with a big dome shaped roof made of what looked like all bronze sort of golden in color and at first I thought it was a mosk or some kind of Russian church, then I saw the name. St. Mary’s Coptic Christian Orthodox Church. Am I on track, is it Russian orthodox or what? I thought that if they said, “St. Mary’s” wouldn’t the fact that they refer to her as a saint mean that there has to be a Catholic root to it? I’ve never heard of them and am very curious as to what you might be able to tell me. I wanted to research it on the internet but I don’t know what websites to trust for their information, so here I am. Thanks in advance, Colleen

Dear Colleen,

The Coptic Orthodox Church is not in union with Rome. Any time you see a Church that has “Orthodox” with a capital “O” you can know that it is not in union with Rome. “Coptic” is the name given to the Egyptian Christians around 454 AD. For more on this branch of Christianity see:

Eastern Churches
and scroll down to “3. The Copts”.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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