Coptic Christian Women Forced To Marry Muslim Men in Egypt

Thanks for posting this. :slight_smile: If you really want a scare, visit this website:

For me, it is a Christian calling to face radical Islam for the evil that it is. It is important to educate oneself about the real challenges Christians face in the Middle East. It is easy to be blase about your faith when you don’t have to risk your life for it on a daily basis. I am in awe of Christians struggling to practice in the Middle East.

Additionally, I think we are called not only to remember those Christians in our prayers, but to pray for the Muslim people themselves who are held captive by Islam - perhaps most especially women and children. (Most of the men seem to have it pretty good. :mad:) But even the men seem to be captive to this evil ideology.

The Catholic Church will increasingly be called upon to confront the ugliness of Islam, in a realistic way that is not bowing to the god of political correctness. I like that our current Pope seems to get that: he tries to be inclusive, but refuses to be bullied.

(Before anyone jumps on me, I should say that I had to study Islam in depth for a few years as part of my professional life. I was horrified.:blush: It is a “religion” like no other. In fact, I would argue that it is not a religion/theology as we understand it in the West, but rather a political ideology that does not exist apart from government.)

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