Copy and paste prayers

Shouldbe disallowd unless the person is saying prayer or chaplet posted.

I paste an image of Mary. I Pray hail Mary.
I paste a rosary, i pray a Rosary.
25 or more chaplets is impossible in a day please help me understand.

Do you save them for later?

I don’t answer to you … it is not impossible because I do it … and I only do it every other day because it was becoming too difficult … I break the prayers now into two days … that’s how I accomplish it.

Have a good day.

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I told you I break it up over two days … and I have always prayed most of the day during my lifetime … that is why I was very happy when I found this forum.

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It tajes me 2 hours to pray for you and Polly. Add the new intentions 1 hour.

It takes a short time to say one decade of the chaplet … no where near 20 minutes … I don’t know how you pray … but since I have broken it into two days I have no issues doing it.

Well then God Bless you for finding a Divine Mercy Chaplet that takes so quick. I listen to it in song at night after my rosaries.

You should look at what I copy and paste … I paste one decade … not an entire chaplet.

I love it in song.

I do too … but there is no way I can say all those prayers in song.

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O Katherine listen to the second one on you tube. So wonderful at night. You will Love it.

I also listen to Mother Angelica for rosary.

I do a complete chaplet right before I go to bed in song … I love it in song.

I also listen to Mother Angelica’s rosary.

We are so gifted. To hear about God’s Mercy and how it came about.

All honor and praise Lord Jesus.
Now im crying. I am so honored to know you Katherine.

I may never have told you … I was in a convent training to become a nun when I was younger … I have always believed in praying most of the day … I was trained to do so.


How wonderful.My grandmother was an almost nun and taught me how to pray all day. She was afraid of the big walls in France. It must have been Carmelite.
She recollected about becoming 'the sposa de Jesus"

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What happened Katherine?

My father became disabled and I was needed at home to work and keep a roof over my parents’ heads.

Yes the same thing with my grandmother. She was a nun.Not only was she afraid but back then they needed money and dowry. So she left. Her friend was Novice named Terese. This is in late 1800s and i wonder was it St. Therese??? The walls and no contact scared my grandmother so maybe.

Any way thats how i learned to pray and knit and sew.
Me and mom were estranged.

Years ago people attacked another prayer warrior like I was attacked in this thread … she wound up leaving the forum she was so upset … I am strong … the Divine Mercy keeps me strong … this thread does not upset me to that point. I am sad that someone I once called a friend would make a thread like this attacking me … everything I said in this thread is true.

So do your thing…and i will do mine.i did not attack you.
I tried to make friends.

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I did not attack you but asked a question.

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