Copyright and evangelization

Would be a sin no respect copyright for evangelization? Ex: Play a music catholic/gospel in event catholic with the main objective of evangelization of many peoples.
I don’t live in USA. In my contry laws of copyright are diferent. But they could consider that a violation.:shrug:

Follow the laws of your country and respect the work of others and their right to make a fair wage from their work.

Is Polski?

Get copyright, if possible. If not possible, get public domain.

Copyright is right of maker to what he deserves. God deserves our respect and worship. Workers and artists deserve wages.

I’m not wanting mean illegal downloads or things like that. I’m wanting mean play in guitar and any instruments in events that main objective is evangelization of some peoples. Maybe that don’t interfere in economic exploration of the music. In view of that the economic exploration occurs in most at shows or sales of music.

Ask just in case. Must be a way to contact them.

What do you want to play?

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