Copyright and sin


I just wanna ask if I watch a small part of the video would be a sin because I think the uploader is not the copyright holder himself because it says there under “No copyright blabla”.


I have no idea what country you are in and laws vary.

In America, we have “fair use”. Fair use depends on the intent of the re-issuer, whether any added content is provided, etc. For instance, uploading a 10-second jingle in its entirety with no added creative info IS illegal. But, two guys commenting on a 3-hour movie as it runs IS fine.


By the way I am from the Philippines.

The video I think is only 3-4 minutes long and it was cut from the show that is something 3 hours long.


I thought that was Tagalog!

I would search copyright laws in the Philippines. They are going to have more accurate stuff in Tagalog than in English.

In the US many broadcasters put out their own clips. For instance, there’s a TON of clips from America’s Got Talent that are totally legit.


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