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Wondering what process we need to follow to put together a booklet with the text for Night Prayer. We are hoping to pray it at the end of the formal adoration after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper and I want to make sure I’ve got all my ducks in a row ahead of time.

Anyone who translated the text would have done so with the understanding that it would be prayed. The Latin is in the public domain. And the faithful translation of public domain text is also public domain. You may copy to your heart’s content.

All modern texts of the Roman Rite liturgy are copyrighted by the Holy See, the USCCB, ICEL, or the publishing company responsible for them.

Here is ICEL’s copyright page:

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Oh, you’d be surprised.

Besides, some of us are Catholic and wish to uphold and obey just laws.

But to put assuage all scruples copying less than 10% of the text is permitted for a variety of reasons, as a matter of law
education and study is one of those reasons, depending on constitutency
and can be easily argued otherwise
so yeah, go ahead, you are back by law

Perhaps consult with your diocese, who might already have permission for such things.


The Office is 300 pages
Text for Sunday Night prayer is 1/49th of the week
10% copying is allowed by law
all good friends

Oops, I didn’t pick up on that when I reviewed before posting. :slight_smile:

Good, it’s not too late to edit.

Thank you to those who responded. Looks like I’d be covered as long as I acknowledge ICEL in the way they prescribe.

That 10% thing is a myth, just so you know.

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