Copyright, sin, probably scruples


I am a huge fan of this korean variety show named “2 Days and 1 Night” which has 6 men members traveling and playing games etc, and I was waiting for the new episode because the new episode was a tribute-like episode for their one member who died last Oct 30.

I dunno if it’s a legal site or not. I had NO intention of violating copyright and my only focus was to watch that episode. I had this thought like “I don’t think it’s illegal like other sites” so I went on and watched the episode.

If it was so, illegal, does the one who watch that illegal uploaded korean show sins?


Not if you become an adherent of Kopimism :joy:


Goodness me, that religion (?) is so dismal. haha


Eh it’s a mock religion really. Like the FSM or Subgenius “Churches”.


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