Corazon Aquino passes on

Corazon Aquino has been called by the Lord.

****May her memory be eternal!

How very sad. She was a brave woman.

May God receive her with mercy.

Man, I was pretty bummed when I heard about it too. Many people were really praying for her… :frowning:

It’s a sad day for the Philippines today. Archbishop Cruz of Pangansinan, Philippines went so far as to say that he won’t be merely praying for her, but to her. Cory was a pious Catholic. She’s always seen praying the Rosary. When she died this morning, her family was on the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, praying at her bedside. Cory was very close to our Blessed Mother, and it’s timely she died on the First Saturday.

Couldn’t edit my post anymore, so I’ll add another post…Cory praying the Rosary:

Wow. May her memory be eternal. :crossrc:

Until the end, Cory had always been very Catholic. This is the prayer she wrote shortly before her death:

The Prayer for a Happy Death

Almighty God, most merciful Father
You alone know the time
You alone know the hour
You alone know the moment
When I shall breathe my last.

So, remind me each day,
most loving Father
To be the best that I can be.
To be humble, to be kind,
To be patient, to be true.
To embrace what is good,
To reject what is evil,
To adore only You.

When the final moment does come
Let not my loved ones grieve for long.
Let them comfort each other
And let them know
how much happiness
They brought into my life.
Let them pray for me,
As I will continue to pray for them,
Hoping that they will always pray
for each other.

Let them know that they made possible
Whatever good I offered to our world.
And let them realize that our separation
Is just for a short while
As we prepare for our reunion in eternity.

Our Father in heaven,
You alone are my hope.
You alone are my salvation.
Thank you for your unconditional love, Amen.

For Filipinos all over, these videos might give more than nostalgia; the first video was made shortly after EDSA 86. Some interesting points in that video: 0:12-0:14 is an actual footage of Filipino revolutionaries firing on an American patrol in the Philippine-American War (1898-early 1900s). 2:28-2:29 is the most poignant for me, as it shows a group of protesters being hosed down by fire trucks during, if I am correct, the First Quarter Storm in 1970 against President Marcos. 2:15 shows a group of nuns marching during EDSA 86:

Second video was done while EDSA 86 was ongoing. The events inspired Tito Sotto, a prominent actor/comedian then (later becoming a Senator), to write the song:

I posted the two videos because they were most associated to Cory and EDSA 86.

She was an amazing woman. The Phillipines has called for a 10 day national mourning period she deserves nothing less! :heaven:

I agree. I fear that many of us are too young to remember her courage in contronting a dictatorship. Her example, and the people’s revolution which accompanied her willingness to confront Marcos, laid the groundwork for innumerable similar revolutions when the Soviet Union fell apart.

Corazon Aquino is one of history’s significant heroes.

May she rest in everlasting peace. May the light of Heaven shine upon her. May her memory be eternal.

Pray for us, Mrs. Aquino.

She was, in my opinion, a very good President and a very good Catholic. She made decisions with the help of prayers. Even up to the end of her life, her faith was very improtant to her.

Have you seen her paintings? I watched news on TV that showed some of her paintings. They were all very lovely. She had a talent for it. I especaily liked the one with a woman dressed in yellow, walking in a yellow path lined with yellow flowers. It was very Cory Aquino. Wish they will someday hold an exhibit of her paintings for the public.

I think it should be made national treasures since they were made by Cory who is very, very special to us, Filipinos.

I was also touched by the poem her husband, Ninoy made for her—the one Jose Mari Chan set into music, titled,*** “I Have Fallen In Love With The Same Woman Three Times”***. Beautiful poem. Ninoy and Cory must have loved each other very much.

You can hear it here:

Thank you Lord for giving us such a good, humble Catholic President

Part of the funeral Mass for Cory–this is at the start of the Mass: The Mass itself is in English, if anyone wants to know…

I actually just watched her burial last night. I was quite amazed at the honors given to her by our military. It was really impressive and memorable at the same time. This is really going to go down in history for sure…

Military honours aren’t really that amazing in itself, since it’s expected as a courtesy to a former President. What’s amazing is that so many people came out to support and pay their respect to Cory. Even today many people still come to her grave (I live very near Manila Memorial Park), and I’m sure this will go on for the whole month of August since Ninoy’s death anniversary (August 21) is also near.

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