Cord for wearing crucifix or medal

Hello- a question to men who wear a crucifix or other religious item around your neck- have you found a durable type of cord or chain that doesn’t break?

I’ve been wearing a Benedictine cross for a few years and have tried several chains of various thicknesses and designs- stainless or sterling- and a Greek tanned leather cord. They all break after a few months- the leather lasted the longest at about 8 months. I wear it 24/7, but it’s not like I’m excessively physically active.

I know that many lay, religious and clergy wear such items- what do you use that is durable and secure?

Thank you and blessings on the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist!

Have you tried paracord like they use to make Rosaries? That may last.


If you think (as I do) that paracord is too thick, you can find thinner cords at the hardware store or art supply store. I prefer braided cord over simple twisted cord.

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For the crucifix that I wear, it is a silver chain.

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For wearing outside your clothes, military grade paracord is most durable.
For wearing inside your clothes, use dental floss and every few months, cut it off, throw it away and make a new cord.
Be sure you use appropriate knots to tie the cord so it stays tied. I usually use two square knots and then a few double half square knots on my dental floss so it doesn’t slide apart.

Thank you all for your gracious welcome advice. I knew I has come to the right place!

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You are welcome @Stephenskin we are always happy to help. :wink: :wink:

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