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Not a terribly critical question, but I purchased a Cord of St Joseph for my son, thinking that the enclosed prayer & description might mention proper wearing/use. This appears to be a short, pocket version: 7 knots tied to a St Joseph the Worker medal - not the long white cord you tie around the waist.

So just curious, anyone know a good answer? :slight_smile:

Blessings & Peace


Is the cord long enough to be worn around the neck? Or the wrist? If so, the best thing to do is wear it.

If not, it can be used in many different ways - tied to a keyring or beltloop on the pants, or to the zip pull on a backpack, wallet or pullover, or simply kept in the pocket of shirt or pants.


Thanks Lily.

Yeah, it’s maybe 5" long. So I will tie it to something. Thanks


This website might be useful for information on the cord:
The article links to a site you can order what I think you are looking for:


If it’s just a cord you want there’s really no reason why you couldn’t make one yourself - when they say ‘thread’ I’m guessing any sort of embroidery thread or even cotton thread (but the heavy stuff used for lacemaking or something) would do. :shrug:


I have seen them knotted, like Father’s cincture. It is a devotion, centered on the 7 sorrows and joys of Joseph, in prayer for chastity and/or obedience.

The one I got was short, with a St Joseph medal on one end, and 7 knots. Had it blessed by Fr Don Calloway, MIC, from Steubenville - great talk if you ever have a chance to hear him.

I just wanted to see if anyone knew if it was OK to clip to my Rosary purse, or belt loop or keychain - I didn’t find the info on the enclosed devotion info, and I wanted to be reverent.

Blessings and prayers


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