Cornelius a Lapide commentary on the Deuterocanonicals

Does anyone know where I can read the commentary on the Deuterocanonicals by Cornelius a Lapide? I believe it is called, in Latin, Commentarius in Esdram, Nehemiam, Tobiam, Judith, Esther, et Machabaeos.

If you ever find the answer to this one then I want to know too!:thumbsup: He is one of the best commentators I have ever seen!

To the best of my knowledge, only the gospels, 1&2 corinthians, 1,2,& 3 John and Galatians have ever been translated into english.
the rest of the Lapide commentarie are still in Latin. My guess one would have to see if they are available through an interlibrary exchange, or find where they are located in Latin through a interlibrary exchange. They must be available in Latin in some seminary. It would sure be nice to find someone who knows Latin andwould take on the work of translating these commentaries. They are dynamite absolutely the best commentaries ever produced.

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Sounds like a good project for Ron Conte.

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