Cornell organization to do away with single sex bathrooms & locker rooms


Cornell’s University Assembly (UA) voted 9-0 to create gender inclusive restrooms and locker rooms across campus in a meeting on Tuesday.

The resolution, titled “Adoption of an Inclusive Restroom, Locker Room, and Gender-Specific Facility Usage Policy”, specifically calls for the conversion of “all existing single-occupancy or single-stall facilities in all Cornell-owned buildings on the Ithaca campus be converted from gender-specific to all-gender facilities” where not prohibited by law by the beginning of the fall 2016 semester.

In it report, the Cornell Sun omitted the fact that the resolution also calls for gender inclusive locker rooms, and, though the language is unclear, possibly also changing rooms and showers.

The resolution’s first stipulation is that the University adopt a formal policy or written statement allowing anyone on campus to “use the restroom or other applicable facility that corresponds to their gender identity, without a letter or other burdensome items from a therapist or doctor or proof of transition-related services and procedures.”

The UA resolution also calls for the University’s Division of Infrastructure Properties & Planning to design “consistent signage for all universal facilities”, including restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, and showers, by the end of the spring 2016 semester.


This is a proposal by student government. The headline makes it sound like it is a “done deal” when it is really only a vote to call upon the administration to make changes. The University can act on the proposal or not.


All I know is that if the proposal passes, there is going to be an increase in Sexual Harassment at Cornell.


isn’t this removing the right to PRIVACY?

I really hope this proposal does not get approved.

There will be more than harassment happening if it does pass.


It also confirms my opinion that lowering the voting age to 18 was one of the worst outcomes of the Vietnam war. There is a good reason why our constitution included a minimum age for representative, senator, and president in an age when people had to act as adults in other matters earlier than the pampered generations since WWII.

Sorry kids, research shows that the human brain is not fully functioning in important matters like judgment and impulse control until about 25. Add more time if the brain has been damaged by popular recreational drugs.


Trump’s poll numbers demonstrate that age is not an indicator of intellectual maturity.


all existing single-occupancy or single-stall facilities in all Cornell-owned buildings on the Ithaca campus be converted from gender-specific to all-gender facilities

Actually, I don’t see a problem with this. If this quote is correct, they are only referring to the single room restrooms, the ones with one toilet and a single, locking door.

Since they are single occupancy, there is no particular reason to designate the room to be for the specific use of a single gender.

We did something similar at our parish. In addition to having full restrooms, the corridor in the hallway to the parish hall has two single occupancy rooms. Those are not labeled with a specific gender, and are commonly used as ‘family’ restrooms, such as when a father has to take his young daughter to the potty.


Do you seriously have to resort to these sort of put downs? Given the latest events on Yale and Mizzou I agree that “young adults” aren’t the most rational beings. And I’m a Millennial saying that. I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re under 30 you pretty much prove the poster you responded to right. Grow up.

And not try not to be so predictable the next time you respond.


Like the public restrooms with one toilet at parks? I’d be fine with that.


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