Cornerstone and Rock

Jesus is the Cornerstone and Abraham and Peter have been called the rock. Most Protestants consider Jesus the rock in matthew. I think they are different. Can anyone help. Maybe someone speaks greek and can translate the original use of the words.

i cannot speak greek. but in the gospel of matthew Jesus says to peter you are Peter [Kepha] (Peter=Petros=greek, Kepha=Petros=Rock) and on this rock [Kepha] (Rock=Kepha=aramaic, Kepha=Petros=Rock) i will build my church.

To twist the words away from Peter being the rock is simply linguistic gymnastics.

“YOU (Simon) are Rock, and upon THIS Rock I will build My Church”

The Question you’ve raised is what is meant by “This Rock”. Well, simply grammatical rules would tell you that “This” is pointing to the last Rock reference, which is Simon.

I am not sure that “most protestants” believe Jesus is the rock of Matthew 16, because there are many of their commentaries identifying the rock as either Peter or his confession

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