Corona virus numbers 5/5/2020



A model cited repeatedly by the White House almost doubled its predicted US deaths to 134,000 by mid-August because of ‘premature relaxation of social distancing’

We are almost halfway there. SCARY…

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Leading us off a cliff

By ramping down the task force by the end of this month…


P O S S I B L E ???

Never has something exploded so unexpectedly for this President than numbers with this pandemic. He’s wanted it to be over from day 1, the numbers rose almost simultaneously with his comment that “it’ll be over fast”.

We’ve been warned by the “expert” that we can expect more deaths with premature opening of businesses. Considering even democrats need to earn a wage to eat, those that continue to take guns and/or protest are selfishly endangering Life. The casual way death is spoken of will be long remembered, most would give up a fortune to have a loved one back.

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We live in a pro-choice America so how people are talking is no surprise.
We just happen to have a choice and something at stake, like a pregnant woman.
Human dignity is apparently different when your hardship is at stake

The global mortality rate is lower. Who knows what the true numbers are though.

Your analogy falls flat simply because this virus is deadly to the heart and souls of those whose livilihood has been pulled out from beneath them. There is real suffering and distress by those who are struggling to make ends meet,feed their families keep a roof over their heads. Eventually all those bills will need to be paid,it’s a real catch 22.
We aren’t preventing death by isolating ,just postponing it.None of us wants to lose a loved one ,none of us.Its scary as all get out.Yet what’s happening to our economy and the resultant despair is just as scary.


Given the scale of the economic carnage — 22 million jobs lost in four weeks — we need another huge relief program, both to limit financial hardship and to avoid economic damage that will persist even when the pandemic fades.

But we may not get the program we need, because anti-government ideologues, who briefly got quiet as the magnitude of the Covid-19 shock became apparent, are back to their usual tricks.

So we need another large relief package, targeted at these gaps. Where would the money come from? Just borrow it. Right now, the economy is awash in excess savings with nowhere to go. The interest rate on inflation-protected federal bonds is minus 0.56 percent; in effect, investors are willing to pay our government to make use of their money. Financing economic relief just isn’t a problem.

Paul Krugman,why am I not surprised🙄

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The hardship on mother’s has always been real. Babies via incest or rape for example. Economic hardship.
The church puts life first. So I see no difference debating whose hardship is worse.
It is always a human dignity issue. The unborn welcomed as those entitled also.
The difference is this pro-life issue involves more than a declaration.
I find it interesting now that Catholics face hardship. It’s a real choice now

Yet PP remains open as an essential business,per the Dems and JB endorses that sentiment. I don’t want to hear any lectures on whose more pro life. It’s pretty obvious …

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That is a crazy myth.

I never mentioned WHO IS MORE ANYTHING.
I wouldn’t. That would be hypocritical.
I just think this is a pro life issue also. A version where you don’t get away with no personal sacrifice, and a tax cut for the rich.

I can tell you, we aren’t pointlessly waiting it out. We are waiting for a vaccine or cure which will inevitably come.

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In the hopes of saving life.

Yes, as Christians that’s a given and it’s a shame we even have to mention that fundamental goal.

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You honestly think most of America can wait with no income for a vaccine? I certainly don’t qualify for unemployment or random checks in the mail from the feds (nor do most small business owners I have encountered), yet if my business disappears while we wait, I will still not qualify, as most qualifications use AGI from 2018 as a metric. Well 2018 is a far cry from zero income today.

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