CORONAVIRUS on the move

With corona virus on the move…i have been watching internet mass. I hear different visions of it …but everytine i am sitting in church people are sneezing and coughing continuously and just not feel the sane way and makes me very uncomfortable…Strickly has been said and professionally said We should avoid large crowds so sounds like i would stay home…any views?

Are you in an area where there is a large risk? It’s also flu season so it might not be corona depending on where you are. But I’m not a doctor of course. Why don’t you ask your priest?


I do see why coughs could be so triggering. It’s the beginning of pollen covered everything here so I’m hoping people here locally give eachother the benefit of the doubt if they hear some throat-clearing.


I would not be fearful, but cautious. COVID-19 or SARS-Cov-2 is a virus that impacts the upper respiratory system. while this seems very bad, and for some is very bad, we should be mindful of our habits and make sure to practice good hygiene. If you are in an area where COVID-19 is present I think it is up to your discretion to stay home. If it is not just keep in mind good hygiene habits. There are a million and one reasons people may be coughing or sneezing such as allergies, colds, flu and simply because they had a tickle in their throat or they smelt something that made them sneeze. I would be alert and aware of the ongoing situation but not afraid.


Most of these are simple colds, not even the flu. Right now, I’ve got a ‘productive’ cough (a wet cough), no fever, and no particular shortness of breath. My nose runs constantly, my eyes water, and I constantly cough up junk. Covid-19 has a dry cough, a fever, and shortness of breath.

I didn’t feel well last Sunday so I made spiritual communion rather than go to mass. I might do the same thing this weekend too, so as not to spread my cold. I don’t like doing this as I feel like I’m sinning, but this is a particularly nasty cold and I don’t want to give it to others.

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Put in perspective, the common flu is more likely to kill you than the corona virus. The Corona Virus may very well go down as just another one of the viruses the world was panicking about a few years ago, such as SARS, the Bird Flu, and Ebola, but not before billions of dollars are channeled into the pharmaceutical companies profiting from the fears generated by the mass corporate media, which are all owned by the same people behind the pharmaceutical industry.


I have year-round allergies. I’m always suffering post nasal drip and sinus issues. I can only imagine the looks that I’ll get when the pollen count is highest. :roll_eyes:


I’m not worried about Corona Virus I’m more worried about not being able to wipe and wash my hands with soap… :unamused:


But seriously people freaked out less over the Ebola outbreak than they are over this.

Haemorrhagic fever and organ failure is much worse than cold and flu like symptoms.


Not me! Ebola is the stuff of my nightmares. We had a teacher when I was in school that would put the same Ebola documentary on anytime she was having a bad day and didn’t want to teach.


I envy your education… :heart_eyes:


The CDC is lying to us. COVID 19 is contagious without symptoms. Some in US with it were in Italy skiing, this slight contact gave them this virus. People over age 60 are at huge risk. I am over 60. Ask my priest? That man doesn’t go to the hospital to give anointing and doesn’t go to grave sites! He looks right through me, I’m not even there as far as he’s concerned. A missing congregant is missing $ to him. No one to ask. This virus is going to spread like wildfire in the USA (it already is). I am now wearing a mask when I go out (and that includes the building I live in where there are large numbers of people over 80, prime targets). In Italy, 1247 new cases in ONE DAY and it is 1/5 the size of the USA. We are at the beginning of this progression. In the Hudson Valley, there are cases of Covid 19; I am in the mid-Hudson valley. I am not comfortable going to Mass now and I want to attend online. No one is taking this seriously. I have done a lot of research every single day, this thing is going to kill a lot of Americans, especially in my age group. So what do you think? If I am fearful, and with good cause, aren’t I supposed to protect my life? I don’t know.


I’m not worried about the virus – I’m a bit worried about a potential quarantine. And I’m worried about my 11-year-old, who is anxiety-ridden normally and is already panicking about the virus. It doesn’t matter whether it’s irrational to her: it’s just frightening.


It’s perfectly reasonable for you to be concerned. Each of is different in terms of our health, age, likely exposure, etc.


I’d be more worried about what THEY are trying to prepare us for… :owl::statue_of_liberty::eye::snake:

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Our bishop has that if someone is sick, [s]he ought not to attend Mass out of charity.

How long before attending Mass (or any other crowded gathering) while knowingly being contagious becomes a sin, mortal or venial?


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I think each person’s situation is different according to age, location, and circumstances.

The obligation to attend Mass is lifted in cases of extremely bad weather, for example, and consider if it is snowing. Maybe one person has bad tires on their car, another is elderly, and a third one is young and walks to Mass. Each would make a different decision as to the dangers of attending.

Maybe @edward_george1 or another priest will weigh in on this.

In fact, maybe another thread would be worthwhile for this issue.

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Consider attending a large Catholic church where you can find a spot way apart from others. Sadly it is pretty easy for me to find such parishes for reasons besides health. Don’t receive from the cup. I suspect most ministers of the Eucharist are told to was their hands.

But it is far better to go to Mass and not receive than to skip Mass. If I suggest “make a spiritual Communion” people never heard of it!

I personally don’t mind the de emphasis on touching at Mass. I can love my neighbor without a handshake or hug. I recall when hugging and hand holding were mandatory in some parishes.

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I’ve seen some advice given by a bishop in England not to go to church, but if going to church, not to shake hands with anybody and to take communion in your hand rather than the mouth.

I don’t see how taking the communion in your hand would be helpful. The priest still gives you the eucharist from his hand, so I don’t see how him placing it on your tongue or your hand is going to make much of a difference. Avoiding handshakes I can understand a bit, but here’s the thing, this can supposedly to passed around by simply touching something that somebody infected has touched. It really takes great lengths to avoid it. You would have to always be wearing gloves.

It’s also quite possible some people have had it and not really known about it. The only people dying from it seem to be elderly, so yes, perhaps they need to be protected more. For younger people, it seems like it isn’t any more harmful than your common cold.

An odd occurrence currently happening in the UK is the mass panic buying of toilet paper, that I don’t understand whatsoever. Nobody I have asked in the UK understand this phenomena either. Is this happening anywhere else?

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