Coronavirus quickly spread around the world starting late last year, new genetic analysis shows

Agree. I was just reading the local news with breakfast this morning. The first confirmed case in my part of Québec, the Eastern Townships, was Feb. 29th, and it was also the first community spread among a bunch of fifty-something friends in a pick-up hockey game. The Eastern Townships was also the first hotspot in Québec, but now has a low rate with no deaths in the past 5 days. The article stated though that a study of specimens from known flu cases showed none of them were due to COVID-19, so they claim no evidence of presence before Feb. 29. But of course they didn’t examine those who did not seek medical attention, such as myself.

My nasty “cold” started on Feb. 7th and lasted about a week, at the end of my 4th week of retreat at the abbey., which is also in the Townships. It also sees a lot of tourist traffic, especially at Sunday Mass. My two jobs were as assistant librarian, and more notably, afternoon porter on Saturdays where I had contact with visitors.

At Mass mid way through my retreat, an old man coughing and with runny nose grabbed my hand at the sign of the peace before I could clasp them together to prevent it. He was also a nutter, giving me a business card after Mass that identified him as the “Governor of Canada”, and other nonsense, but I digress. He was most likely the source of my “cold”, which was very atypical, with fever, cough, muscle aches, sweats and chills, sore throat, no runny nose. I would wake up in the night with my PJs soaking wet from sweating.

Except he didn’t get sick in NOVEMBER, so why are you spreading disinformation??

That’s what I want to know.

It doesn’t matter if the article was dated in January if the first “confirmed” case was in November for China, because infections CAN ONLY GO BACK FURTHER IN TIME not FORWARD.

Patient zero wasn’t even found yet.

I put these two quotes here because initially you said December and then in your post addressed to me you decided it would be NOVEMBER.

Note: And nowhere have I read that its origins were anywhere else but in China.

I nurse friend of my soninlaw said the exact time. He and I are waiting for the excellent anti-body test.

Dig deeper before you start attacking people and attempting to close down conversations.

An understanding of how this thing is moving and how current collected information is and why it is important would benefit you when making statements like this

Yes, ill back in November , and not decided by me but reported in science,
And had the virus still in December . How hard is that to understand.
He was ill and in hospital with flu type symptoms in November and later tested positive for COVId 19.

This is my last post to you given you have chosen to derail this thread by continually attacking me, rather then digging deep enough to get good data.

One note on the mutations and showcases how accurate and current data needs to be here, mutating into a second strain , as reported earlier in the week, has shown later in the week, to be inaccurate. There are many mutations now beinglooked into by science.

No, I read the earliest case was December 27th so unless you provide me a link, then I’m not the one misinformed or rather misinforming!

This from the article I"ve already posted twice now, but which you haven’t bothered to read:

He told the BBC’s Newsday programme that the patient must have been infected between 14 and 22 December, as coronavirus symptoms take between five and 14 days to appear.

So nowhere and in no article was the patient from France sick in NOVEMBER!

And spare me your “dig deeper” comments I’ve been reading about Covid-19 since January and have been accessing Lancet articles ever since.

Thus far, all you’ve done is simply ignored the links I’ve provided and contradicted the information therein while providing no links of your own.

You probably had coved 19😳

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