Coronavirus tests Spain purchased from China fail to detect positive cases


30% inaccurate tests cause unnecessary damage, panic, an unwise decisions.

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I can see a big problem and am glad they identified the problem and halted its use. How many patients were told that they were negative for Covid19 and feeling safe, went out in public or visited family! Yikes!

As much as everyone wants a rapid test, it seems there isn’t a reliable one yet. The PCR that takes a few days has a sensitivity and specificity of over 95%. Let’s stick with what works.

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Any one who gets a negative result needs to remember they were negative on that day only


This has been my main concern - how reliable are the test kits?

There have been head colds and flus going around at the same time the covid-19
started. I was sick with a bad cold in November and got sick again the end
of February. In November, no one had heard of covid-19 and the end of February
the test kits were just becoming available in a few cities.

It will be interesting to see what we learn after this is all over.


Yes, which is why social isolation/ good hygiene is so important right now and has been during this 15 day period. The longest incubation period and average recovery period is 14 days, hence the 15 day social isolation period. States are clearly testing and triaging the most serious cases/symptoms right now as to not over helm the healthcare system and hospital. I’m hopeful that a lot of people are staying home, reducing the spread and/or recovering if sick and have only mild symptoms. NYC has been hit hard but I guess that shouldn’t be surprising how densely populated it is and how many travelers visit. It most likely probably started there. I worry about the long term care facilities and hospitals. I wish they were testing front line employees there. This is flu season and so many elderly get sick with the flu, and are so vulnerable. I know a lot of great facilities here in MA have implemented strict guidelines for employees such as taking temperatures before entering, and filling out health questionares and no one enters the building with a fever or if they have any of the other symptoms of the virus, even one like a cough, but still scary that you can be asymptomatic up to 14 days with no symptoms and pass it along. They had to close down two long term care facilities here in MA yesterday.


I read that patients in NYC are still on ventalator’s after 30 days. It is the complications that are the underlying concern driving the protocols.

I doubt it since the triaging of testing is happening in all states and the guidelines are strict. I know they are here in MA. I’m not sure about NYC. But each state has testing guidelines, you can get them off the state DPH website. At the end of the day you need a Dr’s order to get a test, and I was wondering how all these Hollywood elites are getting tested when front line medical professionals are unable to, but I’m guessing their Dr’s are probably writing orders for them and saying they need to be tested, even though they may not meet all the guidelines themselves…

With money and power there is the Golden protocol.
It goes like this:
Protocol… Schmotocol.

Fortunately President Trump did not panic and use these faulty tests here in America.

Admitedly we had our own false start, but because we have strict standards, it was rapidly corrected.

Now we need asap AMERICAN MADE . . . .

  • Point of care rapid testing to be ubiquitous.

  • Gloves

  • N-95 masks.

  • Hand sanitizer.

  • Ubiquitous medication regimens to minimize severity.

  • We need to get back to work.

  • And we need to open our Churches up! (Including the Mass.)

We cannot fearfully hole-up forever.

And when we DO finally come out of our homes,
the Wuhan Corona Virus will still be here.

I talked to a friend tonight from Poland. He said they are doing MORE Masses there with less people (I also reported that elsewhere, but this is confirmation of that information).

After awhile the infection number counts are not enlightening in and of themselves.

Why not?

Because if your state had 500 cases over the last month, half of those might be better by now.
Another quarter is on the way.

So that 500 would actually be 125 active cases (assuming the other parameters are all correct).

Below from Spain via Google translate to English.

Coronavirus. Fudge and ridicule of Pedro Sánchez, at the cost of faulty quick tests

And while, Moncloa continues to spread hysteria. Now with Mask 19, the password against sexist violence.

Eulogio LópezEulogio López03/26/20 18:55

Coronavirus. Fudge and ridicule of Pedro Sánchez, at the cost of faulty quick tests

Coronavirus. Fudge and ridicule of Pedro Sánchez, at the cost of faulty quick tests

If it wasn’t tragic it would be to laugh. The Prime Minister has fallen this Thursday 26 in a mariachi of scandals, ridicules and hoaxes, a monumental botch, or set of intertwined botches that at another time would suppose an immediate resignation presentation. . . .

. . . The day begins with a game of the famous rapid tests for coronaviruses, those tests that Sánchez assured were important and, more importantly, they were approved. Well, it turns out that they were not reliable and that they had to be returned.

Chinese lock: ensures that it is not your fault. The Spanish Government bought it from a non-approved manufacturer

Naturally they came from China, the country that originated the Coronavirus and which is now enriching itself by selling us Covid medical supplies that, coincidentally, they already had prepared.

But in the case of the PSOE the botch had to be accompanied by lies. Moncloa, goes further than the Chinese cheeks and issues a statement in which he assures that the failed product was not Chinese but Spanish. And why would the Chinese say that they had not approved a Spanish product? In the end, they reached that no, that the manufacturer was Chinese and the Spanish distributor. . . .

So the Chinese had these kits prepared to sell…

They said they didn’t approve the product but yet in the same sentence said the product is a Spanish product and not a Chinese product. Seems like they can’t keep track of the lies they are telling at this point based off that article.

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Yes. That is correct.

I’m glad the Trump administration wasn’t running around in panic over the tests to the point that the US got flooded with THESE.

Can you IMAGINE the heat they would be taking if they did that?

The media whining about initial delays, will never report this AND apologize for their Trump criticism over this issue about a week ago. (There MIGHT be scant reports of this disaster of “corona virus testing” in Spain with the faulty kits that has led to who knows how many deaths. . . But probably mostly silence
and certainly no apologies to the Trump administration for their criticism when they got it right.)

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