Corporal Hugging


When my pet housecat is a little naughty or blatantly disobedient I’ll pick him up and hug him till he is obviously anxious to get out of my arms. Naturally then - I nuzzle him and let him squirm away. I call this giving him a little corporal hugging.

Do you ever feel the corporal hugging of God’s loving hold when you are contrary to His Will?




Usually the end result of such hugging is my conscience calling me to make a decision to make amends.
Corporal hugging is kinda’ like the time when the Truth of the matter is revealed and the soul senses that a choice must be made.


Beautiful… I think I understand what you’re saying… yes. Sometimes, Our Good Lord DOES indeed “nudge” us, in this way.

Kind of like a mother or father might do… right? It’s like He is saying… “Even though you’ve made that mistake… I still love you, and want you to return to Me. So, I’m going to give you a really big HUG… and hope that you will return to Me.” :hug1:

Is that it?


Marie Veronica ~ It feels just like that - an embrace or kiss. And just like parents who repeat this loving action so does God.


Aw… :slight_smile: Yes, I do understand what you’re saying. I have many times… felt this same “feeling”. Isn’t God’s love for His children GRAND!:thumbsup:


It can be called corporal hugging because it doesn’t always feel comfortable but loving and embracing is the goal. Sometimes the Truth hurts pride and disobedience.


Yeah, I hear ya. It’s like when you see a small child… squirming after being scolded by Mom or Dad, for running out to the street to fetch a ball; and then, they get a big hug (because Mom or Dad was so glad that they weren’t hit by a car). Similar concept, it seems to me! Like it’s part admonishment… and part “I still love you, though”.

Interesting label “Corporal Hugging”.


That is exactly what we call it around my home. :slight_smile:

Crise de conscience is another matter though.


I used to date a woman who was a veterinarian and she swore by something similar to what you described. She would wrap a heavy towel around the cat and gently, but firmly, hold it until it calmed down (or the assistant could get the sedative in it it!).

Yes, I have felt God squeezing me–hard to say if he used a towel or not–when my life spun out of control. At the time, I did not much care for it. Later, when back in my right frame of mind, I am deeply grateful.





That’s what I used to do with DD when she was an infant and screaming and crying out of control for no apparent reason. It’s the same principle as swaddling clothes. She would fight against me until she tired out and fell peacefully asleep.

What a cute cat! Are his eyes crossed?



Peds and OB nurses show how swaddling secures an infant as they experience the moro reflex This time of year I think of how “she gave birth to her firstborn son; and she wrapped Him in cloths” Luke2:7 Mary swaddled Jesus.

Instead of corporal hugging one might say corporal swaddling.

Thanks - my cat is an apple head lilac point - no - that is not my cat but he does look very much like the one in the pic.


this made me laugh. Short and to the point.

I wouldn’t say I call God’s chastisement of me a hugging, but it must be if He loves us. I think I sometimes mistake bad things which happen as directly God’s action against me when they may be the devil or my own carelessness. I fell through a barn roof when discerning a vocation the other month and immediately thought God was displeased with me. However, the fact that I wasn’t injured pointed to the work of my guardian angel who cleared the ground and gave me a soft landing! Someone later pointed out that St Ignatius of Loyola said that God doesn’t use violence to guide us but that is Satan’s tactic.

I like the term corporal hugging now I think about it!


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