Corporal Works of Mercy

Can praying for someone who you dont have access to that is dying but you dont know her directly but you know her daughter. fullfill a corporal works of mercy?

If you are concerned that you are slacking in the mercy department, why don’t you just do another act of mercy that you are sure “counts”? It’s not like there aren’t a lot of options.

Why are you bean-counting prayers? If you want to pray for someone - pray!

I would say, say the Divine Chaplet of Mercy,for it also for Dying or lost Soul,s. God Bless my freind. :gopray2::harp::heaven:

I would say it is a spiritual work of mercy. Remember, we pray for the souls in purgatory all the time, and we don’t know all of them or even who is there. We also pray for priests, missionaries, religious, victims of tragedies such as earthquakes, etc. all the time and we don’t know these people. You don’t have to know someone to pray for them.

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