Corporate America is Fun

I am trying to find out if I am overreacting to the job I have in wonderful corporate America, because while on the one hand, I understand the concept of capitalism, on the other hand, all I see is greed and misuse of employees, which to me is morally bankrupt and exploitive, and makes me so aggravated that every week I end up hating my job and wish I could do anything else including working on a beet farm.

  1. We used to be able to leave for lunch, generally an hour. Now it is “frowned upon” to leave at all.

  2. 10 years ago the expectation was 8 hours a day. Then it became 9 hours a day. Now it is at least 10 hours expected a day, with many working 11-13 a day. In the past year we experienced a culture shift where you basically get heaps of work with no extra pay, and it is very near to impossible to get it done. I would like to actually have time for other things in my life, besides work. That would be good.

  3. The wonderful CEO gets millions of dollars in bonus each year, while they took away any health care coverage after retirement.

  4. We are micro managed to the point of insanity about costs. All we ever hear, our 50-60 hours per work week, of every week, is cut costs, cut costs, cut costs, cut costs, cut costs, cut costs, cut costs, cut costs, cut your labor, cut your labor, cut your labor. Did I mention cut costs and cut your labor?

  5. Our department is deliberately understaffed, so the wonderful company can cut costs, and the remaining employees have to work 11-13 hours a day. (see number two). However, the CEO still gets his 4 million dollar bonus each year (see number three).

  6. If you have ever worked in corporate America, you know that a lot of management lies, points fingers to make themselves look great, and the hard workers get rewarded with more work, while the ones who do very little but kiss tushie are the ones that move up.

Why do I stay? The money.

However, I feel the culture is morally bankrupt and so generally annoying that I have a struggle within me going on all the time. Do I take a less stress job with much less pay? I would love to work within the diocese if I can, although if that happened I’m sure I would make a third of what I do now. And I know what Jesus said about the rich man. I am not a rich woman based on American standards, but I sure am compared to the rest of the world.

Anyone else suffer with this conundrum? At the same time, I do have a good chance of preparing for my future, and consider myself lucky to have a job that I can at least save a 401K for in this tough economy, even though I will of course get no medical insurance after I retire because we must cut costs and fund the CEO’s bonus. And I do give quite a bit to charity.

I understand this is a capitalist society, but America does not treat it’s employees well anymore. They don’t share the dollar success. To me this is bordering on exploitation and is fostered by greed and immorality.

Advice, please, please. These kinds of things seem to bother no one else at all and maybe they should not bother me.


I think you need to find a better fit for you, culturally. Not every company is this way.

What you describe are basic aspects of fallen human nature, so although there are better places to work, there are always going to be slackers, bad bosses, and bad employees… Even in the church.

Having fun fun fun I see. :wink:

All you can really do is keep your part of the bargain and let the Lord be your witness. If your expectations in corporate, is that you will get more then what they can’t take from you, then you shall be disappointed. They are not there for anything else but the money. That’s why they used to have violent negotiations back when unions were starting. They play for keeps, and what ever they can get, is their sence of fair, even if it means to reneague on what they agreed to yesterday. They make ageements to get what they want from others, but in doing so, seek to take what you expect to have also.

As a disgruntled American, I think sooner or later people are going to get fed up, and it will stop.

I’m unemployed because I refused to be treated like garbage and stood up for myself. The old saying about BS: “I don’t mind a spoonful, but I won’t tolerate a mouthful.”

Governments and societies treat their citizens badly at their own peril. That being said; the bad treatment that you experience happens because the masses allow it to happen. If ALL of you refused to put up with their BS, it would stop.

Companies and our own government get away with it because we as Americans are weak, soft, and (especially) will not stick up for one another. “We” put up with it because we’re afraid of losing our jobs, making a scene, or looking bad.

Until we toughen up, band together, and say “enough is enough;” this will continue.

“Gentlemen, we must all hang together; or we will surely hang seperately.” ~ Ben Franklin.

1)and 2) That may be your company but I would not say it is “corporate America” My wife works a "corporate job and I used to. It is nothing like you describe. My wife puts in 8 and usually takes 1-2 hour lunches. Try farming if you think your hours are long…
3) If you are constantly looking at what CEO’s make and not understanding what you are agreeing to work for then you will be unhappy. You are paid a fair wage especially considering what some people have to do for less money in other places. Health care problems have absolutely zero to do with what a CEO makes. It is a national problem.
4) You need to learn more about the economy and take notice of the national economy. You have a moral obligation to keep costs down.
5) Last I checked slavery was illegal you can find a different department.
6) That sounds cynical. I have experienced what you described and also the exact opposite.

Your complaints sound frustrated. But they are not complaints ab out corporate america. They are complaints about your job that you are trying to give a moral background where there is none.

I wonder what your complaints would be if you were a roofer in arizona or a farmer in the midwest.:shrug:


I know my history and certainly don’t need you to remind me to read it. I have a keen interest in American history and the Labor Movement.

People deserve an hour for lunch (to spend however they please), an 8 hour workday, compensation for overtime, and a decent & safe work environment. My forefathers in the Labor Movement fought (literrally) to get most of the ‘rights’ the American worker used to enjoy.

Before you say a word about any of this, I’m going to say one more thing about the ‘time’ aspect of it. If one works more than 8 hours (excluding lunch), they should be compensated with OT. No amount of money can EVER buy your time back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The least someone can do is compensate you for your extra time with extra pay.

That’s nice that you like your life. Do you make your living making others miserable? Is that why you hope it continues? I have no aversion to hard work. I just like to be treated with respect and decency. Is that asking too much?

Do I make my living making others miserable? who does that? Certainly telling of your biases though. I worked as a retail lackey for a lot of my life and was an accountant for a big corporation. My wife works for a big corporation as a scientist. I am a stay at home homeschooling dad. Have been for 7 years now. So yes, I probably make my living making 4 kids miserable. We have both dealt with corporate situations that were unhealthy and have had real bad bosses. My wife can go to work anywhere from 5 am to 9am, constantly comes home for lunch (about 1 and a half hours) pumps breast milk at least twice a day at work (20 minutes a shot) and is usually home by 530. She goes to any doctor appointments she wants and gets a nice bonus from work. Seeing as you live on the east coast I can tell you that most people make more money than she does. We live in a 3 bedroom house, have 4 kids, a boat, 2 cars from this millenium, ski, etc. We can do all of this because my wife works for a corporation. Does she have days where she is treated unfair? YUP does she have a bad boss or two that have made her cry? Yup.
labor unions are the ultimate in foolishness. If any thing was more mob like, corrupt and preying on its members more than the mob it would be unions.:frowning: But they do a great job of brainwashing those who seem to think they “deserve” certain things.
When falling for all this liberal brainwashing about the 1% and corporate fat cats does anybody ever stop to think what it would be like to be in hard physical labor with the literal lives of your family hanging in the balance. Because for most of history that is the way it was. But if you are so sure of it being unfair, I invite you to leave the east, grab a shovel and earn your food the way many people do, farming. See how much “respect” you get from the dirt;)

I am sure that some have had it bad, even you. But when clamoring for respect and decency I sure see a lot of disrespect to some fictional “fat cat” that has a monocle and mustache. It doesn’t exist. It is a myth to keep the regular joes from thinking they too can attain wealth. Perpetrated by the unions and democratic party. You have to know your place, right? You have to accept the situation and turn to the government and unions to protect you? Right? And you are mad at the corporate world? Astounding! But just the way “they” want it.

Depending on your age and experience, you may want to look for another job. Can you take your 401K with you if you quit? Right now, about 70% of Americans don’t plan on retiring. First, I view retirement as a bad thing in general. Perhaps you can look through the Catholic Business Pages:

I don’t know what your income needs are. Are you renting? A homeowner?

What “America” does is not a problem if you take the initiative and say no to your present job and leave. I work longer hours now, for the same pay. A 60 year old friend of mine has a boss that drives the entire staff crazy and she desperately needs a better job, if nothing else, to lower her stress level. She works two jobs and is exhausted. My average work week is the whole week with the occasional day off.

Hope this helps,

Everything you’ve described is symptomatic of Corporate America when times are tough. In better times, those who weather the indignities of these tough times tend to be well compensated when the weather changes. If you don’t have personal enemies who are targeting you personally, then don’t be too quick to jump ship. Much of the stress in these environments comes from taking too much stock in your own worth based on the perceptions of your handlers and peers. In the office, these economic uncertainties often play out in weird group dynamics where one simply has to strive diligently not to take it personal or become obsessed with the lack of fair play. Generally, the “stress” is more related to the feeling of a lack of job satisfaction (that money cannot buy) in that goals are not clearly defined and the means to attain them are not provided. The only answer is to set personal realistically attainable goals that are in concert with your job’s mission, and obtain them. Make it a personal win, and to heck with the kudos from others. What you need is a personal worthwhile game to win that restores your self esteem in your own accomplishments. I remember coming home from work boiling mad. I’d take a long walk, boiling for the 1st half hour, and wondering what I was so worked up about in the 2nd half hour. Many a day, I wish I could just retire and tend sheep with my border collie.

Corporate America is evil and it serves their master whom is satan, just as the free market economy does, society intertwining itself with money more and more is going to be the downfall, you can not serve two masters. And all of your complaints are not over reactions if that is how they literally treat you. Not every job is that bad, but most are getting worse, just in a gradual way as to make people adapt to harder conditions. It won’t get better in the future but there is hope and i ask that you keep praying and never cease. And you say that the corporate people collect millions, and in bonuses on the workers behalf, and it is true, but I used to think the same way as you and then realized that it doesn’t matter because all the money and possessions they gather are all going to burn at the end of this life. It wouldn’t matter if they made 10 billion a year, let them have all the money in the entire universe! still the universe doesn’t belong to them! They will forfeit everything they have at the end of this life and they will be evaluated based on their goodness of heart in the Lord. As Jesus said, “it is easier to stick a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into Heaven”

Continue your work for now and look for something else in the mean time if you can, its always best to work for yourself. I had a job that treated me horribly, but after they tried to make me give up Easter for work I quit.

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