Corporate personality test update


The book (Ace the Corporate Personality Test) arrived yesterday. So far I have learned that the tests are now in widespread use because employers no longer want to provide letters of recommendation on current or former employees due to fear of being sued if they turn out to be idiots or crooks.

The tests that you do online are scored within seconds and the employer has a printout in front of him along with recommendations: Hire, do not hire, maybe hire. And they have never seen nor spoken to you!

Your test results are not destroyed, but saved and may become part of a national database, making them available to other potential employers or others (research companies) who are willing to pay a fee. You have no legal protection in this regard.

In today’s world, company loyalty and a guarantee of long time employment do not exist.

Just a sampling, and that’s just up to page 6!!

Now a word to the wise: If you are collecting UI, do not volunteer!! During this time of job searching, I wanted to volunteer at the church nursery. They put an ad in the bulletin that they needed help. But, no good deed goes unpunished. The church made comments to the unemployment office that the position was a real job and that I refused it. It isn’t a real job, was not presented to me that way, and I let the church know that if I lose my unemployment insurance, I expect them to pay me what I lost. I have to wait till next week to find out how contact was made in the first place, why the statements were made (by a man who I do not know and never met!!) and what they are going to do to fix this mess. The UI is the only means I have of survival. Depressed? You bet I am.


Who would do such a thing to you, and why? I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked, but that’s just horrible!!! Can the pastor say something on your behalf?


Oh W&W,

That’s horrible! I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you. What recourse do you have? Do you have to hire a lawyer just to get UI and/or a job these days?

I’m interested in hearing what else you find out about in that book. It makes sense that you’d feel depressed at this point. It’s like you fell into the Twilight Zone only I’m afraid you’re just experiencing something that’s coming down the pike for many people.

I’m saying a prayer for you. You deserve a good job.



Crystal and OutinChgoburbs: I received a letter from the unemployment office telling me that they had ruled in my favor, I had done nothing wrong, so my benefits continue. HUGE relief for me, since my car payment is due. Thank you for your prayers. There were many said on my behalf and they worked!

I never did find out exactly what happened to cause the problem. The pastor probably doesn’t have a clue as to what was going on in this situation. It’s a mega church. The church offers $7.85 an hour to nursery workers as an incentive to keep them. Doesn’t work, but they try. You can also just volunteer for free. I received $21.58 (no taxes taken out) and I reported it. I am allowed to earn up to $31.75 a week and still keep my benefits while I’m looking for work. But I wasn’t doing this for the money, I was doing it to help out and feel useful and productive. The volunteer coordinator decided to pay me rather than let me work for free. She wanted to help me out. Anyway, the guy I talked to from the unemployment office didn’t go to church, had no idea how church nurseries work, and didn’t understand that it’s impossible for it to be a job-job, with regular hours. I learned a valuable lesson. When collecting UI, never ever volunteer. Sit and stare at the wall if you need a break, but do not do anything that can be construed as work. Here in Texas, even if I volunteer for free, I still have to report it. Since the phone lines are always jammed, they ask you to file a claim for payment online. The online form will not accept $0 for wages earned, so you have to put in that you earned $1! The system is broken. When I asked if I could go and talk with someone, I was told no, that the people were locked in a basement in Austin and there was an armed guard!! Those folks probably never tell anyone what they do for a living. Too dangerous.

When can we start living in Catholic communes? I can cook and bake. I’m very organized. My green thumb isn’t great, but maybe some else has that talent to offer.

Life is hard, but God is good. Let us always remember that.


Geez, W&W,
That’s amazing! I’m glad you got it worked out for you but how sad that volunteering works against people. More prayers that you get to to find a job you like soon.




It’s depressing. I’m dumbfounded by this economy and the politics of this country which seems very linked to the lack of ethics by corporations.

crystal :cool:


The big picture doesn’t look good. All else aside, those Left Behind books give a glimpse of what life in general could be like in the future. I believe it has started now with those most vulnerable and at the bottom of the pecking order being affected. As we die off, it will move up until those at the very top are left. My opinion only, but I think it has merit. The church has a responsibility to step in, but they don’t now, so there’s no reason to think they will do so later. I read an account of a woman who found herself homeless due to divorce. She and her elementary school aged son struggled, although she had come from a middle class background, had some skills and gone to private schools (like me). She recounts how she was humiliated when she went to a church’s food pantry for help and was told that the service was just for church members and they had not seen her before. Instance after instance…she finally got back on her feet with the help of a non-believer. Her own family abandoned her (I can relate to that, too), saying she must have done something wrong to find herself in that situation. It’s a Wonderful Life? Not hardly.


I just rented the movie The Smartest Men In The Room about the Enron scandal. “Enron, once the nation’s seventh largest corporate entity, essentially faked its bookkeeping to report profits that never existed.”

It’s amazing how Enron is linked to both Bush’s, most of the large banking firms like Merril Lynch, the burst of the stock market bubble in the 90’s, the oil industry, the deregulation of the energy industry, the rolling blackouts created to punish Californiafor not deregulating, the recall of CA’s governor Gray Davis and the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s now our governator.
At one point, Enron was going to try to sell stock shares in the weather! But I digress…

Enron had their preferences for employees who were willing to cover up for them and who showed a lack of ethics in general. Perhaps companies using the Corporate Personality Tests are looking for these types too.



Enron had their preferences for employees who were willing to cover up for them and who showed a lack of ethics in general. Perhaps companies using the Corporate Personality Tests are looking for these types too. crystal

Bingo!! Who needs a whistleblower on the payroll? Another poster also mentioned that companies wanted “sheep” who would do as they were told. A police dispatcher of 7 years told me that she had resigned from her job because she had been told to do things that she knew were clearly illegal. She was told to comply or be suspended for 15 days without pay. She quickly typed up her resignation letter, handed it in and then left. She is now looking for work. Being single, she can deal with it. What about the men who are the breadwinners? Single mothers? It starts getting really difficult then. I have been told by a friend that I may have to compromise. I worked for an MD who wanted me to lie to patients about whether he was in the office or not. His nurse used to forge his signature on prescriptions and other documents. It’s presented as normal, something that you do without concern. I didn’t stay long. And this guy was a graduate of Loyola! I wasn’t well liked, and didn’t get included in any after hours festivities. I never said a word to them. No dirty looks. Just kept my mouth shut. But somehow they knew I wasn’t one of them. I’d make a lousy spy.

Woe to those Enron execs, especially those who have died. I’m sure they regret what they have done now.


W&W, Catholic communes? What a perfectly Biblical idea! :bible1: Before we got married, my soon-to-be-exhusband and I were looking into “communes” - actually most are called “intentional communities.” Most were of the nature loving, free spirit, neo-pagan sort, but I found one that was an Eastern Orthodox community living out the New Testament ideal. On a search I did today for “intentional community” and “Catholic” I got a lot of hits.

Catholic communes? They’re out there already. Do a search and see what you can find. Meanwhile, you are in my prayers for inner peace and following the path God has for you with joy. I may just consider a Catholic commune myself. What an extraordinary calling.:getholy:



Catholic communes? They’re out there already. Do a search and see what you can find. Meanwhile, you are in my prayers for inner peace and following the path God has for you with joy. I may just consider a Catholic commune myself. What an extraordinary calling.:getholy: Gertie

Gertie, I will do the search that you recommended. I can see many positives to communal living, the most obvious being that the children could stay home and avoid day care.

Ok, who else wants to join us?


It’s almost official, I have a job!! Tentative start date is Oct. 9 and the new hire paperwork is on the way. Full time and $22,800 a year, which is a huge leap over what I have been living on. Prior to the layoff, I had made just $5,000 this year, so I will be feeling very rich! To those of you who prayed for me and were so encouraging, I thank you. I am now looking forward to being a taxpayer once again.

God bless.

P.S. I didn’t have to take a personality test! :smiley:


That’s great W&W! I’m glad you got hired without the test. :slight_smile: Maybe those tests are red flags in and of themselves.



Yes, you digress. If you want to be political, please do it in the Secular News forum.

I have more I’d like to say, but as I said, this is not the forum for that discussion. Have a nice evening.


Personality tests are generally used to determine the type of one’s personality, the skills and values one possesses, etc. Or, they can be used simply to find out what type of personality one has. Personality tests are now regularly used to determine one’s aptitude for a certain type of occupation or career. Today it is common practice for most businesses to use personality tests before choosing an employee. Even lovers and husbands are using them to judge their partners. In short, personality tests are used with various purposes in mind. Personality tests can be various types. Many of them are found on the Internet and, in most cases, they are free.Personality tests can be used for various


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