Corpus Christi (Jesus and Apostles made to look gay play) play cancelled for good!

The play was a class project and was only going to have one performance. It was not open to the general public, but to students and relatives only.

Its single performance was canceled because of threats of violence. I don’t see this as much of a victory.

It was just a closed project. Well blasphemy allowed by a school is OK, then. No one was calling the cops to stop it. These TFP people were praying to stop it. Threats are no good and I believe they did not come from this group, but maybe a greater good came of it, but not for the threateners.

I agree that TFP is unlikely to be the cause of the threats. The play created a lot of controversy across Texas, with all kinds of media exposure. Not just Catholics were offended.

I’m sorry that the 26 year old student director picked this play as his project. At 26 years of age, he could have known the firestorm the news would create, especially since his university is in a rural and deeply conservative area.

Check out for this one! Our local news media here in Texas picked up the story without checking out Snopes first!
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