Corpus Christi Sequence

Did your church use the sequence for today, Lauda Sion? Did they use the short form or the long form? Was it sung or spoken? In English or Latin?

I didn’t go to my home parish this weekend, because I am away, but the church I went to did not use it at all. :frowning:

not sure if my parish did the sequence or not. I went to my the parish I grew up at and they didn’t use it.

Sadly, no. I have a great parish but we only use the two required sequences (Easter and Pentecost).
However, on Thursday I went to Corpus Christi Sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Of course the Lauda Sion was chanted in Latin there!
I chanted it to myself in English after I got home today (where nobody could hear me, which is good!)

Not at the Saturday Vigil mass I went to.:frowning:

Fulf form Latin in an English mass

Sing along/chant along in Latin…:smiley:

Yes. Long form in spoken Latin.

The feast was actually on Thursday but they received permission to celebrate today, instead of using the propers for the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost. EF. The choir sang the short form, the priest recited the long form, both in Latin, of course.

It was sung this morning in English, but due to our OCP Music Issues not including a sung version in either language, it was sung to an improvised chant tone. I cannot wait for the new St. Michael Hymnals to finally go on the market so we can order them.

I chanted the long form in Englsh. I was exhausted after Mass because it took the wind out of me. For the next Mass, the celebrant had mercy on me and had the faithful recite the long form.

The second Mass I attended yesterday afternoon-evening (EF) had the full sequence and also had an extended Gradual chant before it, which was just as long if not longer than the sequence.

I think our pastor would have preferred the whole congregation recite it but those awful OCP missalettes don’t include the text. :mad:

It was spoken by our soon-to-be ordained deacon. :wink: He was the lector at the Mass we attended. We did have a cantor who probably could have sung it beautifully, but she is new, so I have no idea how much preparation time she had. At the earlier Masses, I imagine it was sung by one of our cantors who has been around longer. Haven’t asked anyone so I can’t say for sure.

edited to add: According to the poll, those who had some form of the sequence are about equal to those who had none (13-14)! :smiley:

I actually was on vacation this weekend and went to a church in Florida. THAT church did the short form in spoken English, given by the deacon.

Always the long form in English: I will have it ready in square notes too.

The accurate name for the feast is The Body and Blood of Christ , or Corpus et Sanguis Christi if you prefer a Latin name .

Before the calendar was reformed there used to be the feast of Corpus Christi , and then on July 1st the feast of The Precious Blood .

With the reform of the calendar the two feasts were combined to become the feast of The Body and Blood of Christ .

It better reflects the command of Christ at the Last Supper that we both eat AND drink .

Christ’s command is for us to eat of the consecrated bread , the Body of Christ , and to drink of the consecrated wine , the Blood of Christ .


Thanks but I’m not over keen on popcorn .

I’ll have a bacon butty though . :slight_smile:

This gave me a headache until I realized it was OLD Post from last year- :whacky:

For a minute I felt as though I was in the twilight zone

Trinity Sunday - Dominica Sanctissimae Trinitatis -**

Oh good grief.

What is it about some people that makes them resistant to the truth?

The Council of Trent anathematized your opinion.

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